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Do you think these were really pesticide free and home grown?

Asked by Aster (18143points) June 9th, 2014

I finally found, or was told about, a farmers’ market fourteen miles from here. The tomatoes were not only a buck a piece they were also fat and quite round with no signs of insects attempting to enter. Just about picture perfect. They were very good but I think I won’t buy from him next time since I expect homegrown tomatoes to be less round and pristine. Am I correct he sprayed or dusted his tomatoes and therefore should be avoided?

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Why not ask the seller? They could be hydroponic or some kind of hothouse tomato, since it seems pretty early in the year for tomatoes anyway (at least in the Northeast, it is).

Or you could just ask to purchase the seconds, drops and infested product as being somehow more suitable.

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Good idea. I will ask him and look through the baskets for less attractive ones. I won’t, however, want to buy any with a worm inside. Not that he’d have any on the table.

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I’ve grown plenty of tomatoes that turned out like you describe. I never use pesticide.

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I’ve had similar experience as @flip86. I’ve been growing organic and natural for years.

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Miracle Grow and water will make big juicy tomatoes like that all summer long.

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Thanks guys! i feel so much better now!!

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