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I am looking to start exercising by bicycling - does anyone have a bicycle brand and model that they recommend for this?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) July 5th, 2008
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What kind of cycling will you be doing? Mountain or Road?

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i bike everywhere in los angeles and i use a old crusty beach cruiser i got at a garage sale 4 years ago for $20.

to get the most exercise i suggest buying a cheap, heavy bike at a garage sale/craigslist and it will take you a lot of energy to get places. the trendy, expensive fixed gear bikes are light so you can get farther easier, but they also have that thing where you have to be pedaling constantly.

so i’m assuming on average the amount of “exercise” you get is the same, but the first one is cheaper and less trendy. and cheaper.

other cons of fixed gear bikes:
*worry about it getting stolen
*drivers assume you are a pro and are more aggressive on the road

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you should get a boflex!

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I have a cheap Diamond Back that was probably stolen. And a nice expensive fixed gear bike. Both work well for exercise.

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Start out with something mid-range, yard sales would be a good place check. Once you become more comfortable, you can always upgrade. As far a brands, Pacific, which also builds Scwinn are a good buy and last.

No matter which bike you ride, don’t forget your brain bucket.

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I actually disagree with the whole getting a heavy bike thing….you may work harder and burn more calories, but you’ll also hate your bike and won’t want to ride as much therefore not achieving the goal!

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bianchi milano. It’s an amazing bike! Hasn’t failed me yet. Cannondale is pretty spiffy as well.

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@Breefield – road cycling

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