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What is the longest Q ever asked on Fluther?

Asked by Strauss (20323points) June 14th, 2014

Is it still around? Has it been deleted, moderated, or edited? How long was it active?

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Oh, it had to have been that Hare Krishna guy.

He was hella fun.

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This question should probably be in Meta.

I am not sure of the answer, but I know one jelly who used to write the longest answers you ever saw.

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[Mod says]: Question moved to meta.

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Thanks, mod…I thought I had it there in the first place.OOPS!

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Why the hell does a frog evolve from something look like a sperm while there are so many appearances for a baby frog for God to choose from instead of something so gross? Is that because God is into sex? If so why the hell does sex view as something so gross by many people while the God allows sex? Don’t the people listen to God this time? ~

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The longest one I can think of right now comes in at 2078 responses:

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Just kidding. I used to see a question of “What does it mean to dream about my crush” style. But it would just have been a normal boring dream question had it not been for the title. Here is the full title as I remember it (I don’t remember every words):

I dream about my crush 5 times already. In the first dream I came to my crush’s house and met his sister, she smiled and said I could go and I was very happy. The second dream had me and my crush going to a castle in the sky and we kissed a lot. The third dream involved me and my crush playing soccer because he is a great soccer player and

That question was deleted of course.

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@Seek Or DalePetri or however it was spelled :P

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I think my post is still the longest.

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Well, @AstroChuck why don’t we just revive that old gem and see what we can do!

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