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In what jobs are tattoos and piercings inappropriate? Appropriate? Tolerated?

Asked by GloPro (8389points) June 16th, 2014 from iPhone

Where do you draw the line?

For the purposes of this question, please assume no racial or offensive subject tattoos. No tattoos above the collarbone.

For this question, for piercings, only ears, nose, cheeks, lip and eyebrow. Small gauges, limited to only one facial tattoo (unless both dimples).

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Motorcycle shops – for example, the local Harley store near me.

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With the details given:

I’m cool with anything. Nothing racial or offensive, no tattoos on the face, and minimal facial piercings, I have no problems.

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I’m a supervisor in a welding/fabrication shop that builds agricultural feed/seed bins and the tattoos are no problem. If they were a deal breaker we would have to replace 99.3% of our current employees.

The only rule regarding piercings addresses open gauges. You are allowed to wear gauges, but, for safety’s sake, the gauge must be solid.

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Oh! I just thought of something safety-related.

If you’re working around magnets – MRI machines, manufacturing, etc., lose the piercings. But that’s obvious, I think.

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The X-ray techs here have plastic gauges and piercings just for work. But good call.

Fake nails are forbidden, though.

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^ Then it’s all good.

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Government workers.

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I’ll do the easy one. Here is where tey are practicvally required.

Tattoo shop
Head shop / hookah lounge
Health food store.
Custom body shop
Porn shop
House of Guitars
Record Archive
Car wash attendant

I’ll think of more.

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Coffee Shop?

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Anything where it does not pose a danger.

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Tattoos and piercings would be inappropriate in jobs where it affects sales. Getting that data is another issue altogether. Personally, I wouldn’t care if my restaurant waiter has nose rings or my congressman has tattoos. I think more people are getting it for aesthetic reasons.

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Someone should link to other question.

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Where do you draw the line?

• Nose, through it or nostrils.
• Cheeks.
• Chin.
• Waddle (neck under the chin).
• No ear jewelry.

Line drawn.

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anyone who holds a job in a school, hospital, office or deals with the public should not have a tattoo. I know that personally I would not hire anyone who thinks so low of themselves that they would tat up their bodies and faces.

Most of these people do this for attention. I guess I should feel sorry for them but nah…...

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@BeenThereSaidThat – you must be great fun at parties.

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61% of Human Resource managers said last year that tattoos would hurt an applicant’s chances of getting a job. That percentage is up from previous survey. Read article.

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It should inappropriate in all workplaces! How anyone can support such degeneracy is beyond me. Boy, we really are living in Kali Yuga. This is what happens when you let soy and NPR take over your country.
Ave Evola!

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It’s not a big thing in my career field. The only issue would be with jewelry hanging from the body or hands, because it can make it very easy to get electrocuted in the high voltage panels we have to work in.

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