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Where can I search for companies that don't require employees to hide tattoos/piercings?

Asked by essieness (7690points) January 31st, 2011

Specifically, I am thinking there has to be some sort of website that directs applicants to more open-minded, accepting companies – like Monster or CareerBuilder, but for those of us who are a little “alternative”. I have a septum piercing, gauged ears, and large tattoos that I currently keep covered for work and would just rather not have to.

I have a bachelor’s degree and prefer a non-corporate environment, but I’m not adverse to it (I work in that environment now).

Any direction would help!

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I’m not sure if there are any sites that aggregate this kind of information, but you could certainly Google something like “employees with piercings are welcome.” In general, your appearance needs to be acceptable to the clientele that your workplace attracts and not interfere with your duties.

Your best bet, then, is to find a place that caters to younger clients that doesn’t involve anything that can catch on your piercing. Coffee shops are the most obvious choice, as would be anything close to a college (e.g., restaurants or book stores). You could also try applying to fashionable boutiques, which might see your tattoos as bold statements rather than as liabilities.

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I don’t know about a specific site, but I’d say pretty much any skate shops, cd stores, hot topic…actually pretty much anything in retail would hire you as long as you don’t have a tattoo on your forehead. My mom has a tattoo (from the top of her foot to just under her knee) and she’s a civil engineer.

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Are you looking for low-paying, menial jobs, or are you trying to find a career in which you can make a good living as a professional?

Sometimes, the choices people make about their personal appearance really do negatively affect their lives. I am not saying that this is fair- but it is true. If you have to interact with the public, your choices in personal decoration will be seen as a detriment in most jobs where you have to interact with people who are not usually associated with tattoos and piercings.

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@essieness There are ton of respectful jobs that don’t mind tattoos! Unfortunately it depends on the boss and field you are working in. I don’t think there is a site that list online for something like that. Depends on the company really. I know some people who make great money and they are covered head to toe with tattoos.

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@essieness what is your employment background? It seems like puttig the cart before the horse, so to speak, to look for a job just because it allows you to openly display your piercings and tattoos.

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I don’t know of a site like that, but it’s a really good idea. Someone should get on it.

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Unfortunately, I don’t know of a site for that. Starting one is a great idea!

As for how much acceptance you can receive in the professional world – This really depends on the culture of where you live/work. I live in San Francisco, and frequently see businesspeople in high quality suits – clearly high level executives – with dreds/piercings/tatoos, or businesspeople riding skateboards to work downtown. (which brings joy to my lil heart)

If you live in Utah, things would obviously be different. I completely support being able to look how you want, without discrimination. The truth of the matter, however, is that people will be biased toward or against against you, according to their local culture.

I know, because I look alternative. = )

Good luck!

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It is so widely variable, you have to go on a case by case basis.

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I have a brother-in-law who is a pediatric ICU nursing supervisor for the Marine Corps who is covered in tattoos and earrings :>) So it does indeed happen- I am afraid that it isn’t the norm, though.

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and if you don’t want to be a suicidegirl, this is still a serious response. b/c i would imagine getting involved in a community like that would lead to connections to the type of people that would have great answers to this question!

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@crisw he can’t wear his earrings at work though, can he? Not even a civilian military male employee I’m thinking. And the military has all sorts of regs about tattoos.

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I don’t know if he wears the earrings at work as I have never seen him there. I think he just covers up the tattoos- they are mostly on his upper arms and legs and such.

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Marketing, or any artistic field will likely be accepting. Start that site!

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