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Have you heard of a site charging a fuel surcharge for their shipping carriers?

Asked by jca2 (16086points) 2 months ago

I was doing some online shopping on a site that sells stationery, stickers, address labels and gifts. The sale had free shipping. They had a big holiday sale so I put some things in the cart and looked to check out. They had the free shipping indicated, but added a 2.99 handling fee. Normally there would be the shipping fee and then this additional 2.99 handling fee.

I contacted the site to discuss, and let them know that I wasn’t purchasing because I didn’t understand the free shipping but then adding on a fee.

The response I got was that it’s a fuel surcharge for the shipping carriers.

I’m not arguing with them about it, because it’s their policy and what I was purchasing were things I really could do without anyway. Of course, if I really wanted the things, I would have to pay the fee.

I’m just curious if anybody here has ever heard of such a thing?

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Buy somewhere else !! Fuel costs have dropped over the last month in my state.

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Ripoff, don’t buy. They are scamming you. Free is Free, not $2.99

The carriers, like fedex and UPS, do charge fuel surcharges – that is true. But the vendor should build that into their pricing, and not sock you with this invented charge.

It’s like going to a restaurant and having a credit card surcharge added to the bill (there are some in Atlanta that do that). The business should be honest, not tack on extra fees.

You are correct to be wary, and NOT buying was the right thing to do. Even if they don’t care.

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Fill your cart and leave it in the aisle. That will teach them!

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^^ Yeah! All that time employees will waste having to reshelve the stuff! But at least there’s not a reshelving fee! ;D

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