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Why does the etheric body awaken spontaneously suddenly?

Asked by squirbel (4174points) June 25th, 2014

I happen to be very spiritual, very connected to God. I have self enlightenment as my highest goal, and all of my efforts have been toward expansion of my consciousness.

Now, I’ve never bothered with the astral body, but yesterday, after a nap – my etheric/astral body awakened and filled me with an electric buzzing. I just lay there, feeling how sounds affected the body.

I’d like to know what caused it to awaken suddenly?

In recent days I have been working on destroying my illusion of ego – is it possible it is because of this?

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As one evolves their consciousness, they become aware of spiritual dimensions never known before. While this new experience attracts one’s attention, it is as important as noting a mile marker when driving down a highway. One’s ego may become attached to this novel experience and if allowed will spend too much time focusing on it.

Note that it is one’s ego that works on destroying the illusion of ego. The only way I know of escaping from this illusion is to focus consciousness upon mitigating the suffering of others. Spiritual energy may flow through one when their focus is outward and not inward. Focusing upon one’s self will create eddies in this energy that becomes a source for suffering from illusions.

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You’re right that the ego can and will attach to this experience. But I dispatched it as soon as I felt the movement of ego. Thanks for your reply. :)

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My primary interest is what brought this about – not the fact that it happened. I question everything.

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It’s called the hypnagogic state and it’s because you had just woken up from a nap. This is why meditation, deep prayer and trance are believed to lead to enlightenment; because they are ways of deliberately inducing this state. It’s a natural and normal part of brain function.

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No – it was not hypnagogic. I know that state. This was new – my body was buzzing all over.

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That can happen in hypnagogia too: ” well as tactile sensations (including those kinds classed as paresthesia or formication)…. ” Paresthesia is the buzzing feeling you had.

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I’m sorry – it was not pins and needles. It was buzzing, like electricity. Very pleasant and reactive to voices and sounds.

I promise I know what what you are talking about is. I experience that when inducing a lucid dreaming session.

What I experienced was different.

It’s fine, I’ll look for answers elsewhere. Thanks.

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Ether is a hell of a drug.
Astral is a word that doesn’t mean anything.

You will not find the answers you seek, but you will convince yourself that you have done.

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Mostly you will find naysayers hereabouts when it comes to the true reality of which they are not yet even aware exists. They will poo poo this as nonsense.
However, there are some of us around these parts quite cognizant of your new found abilities and congratulate you on reaching and possibly jumping over this hurdle as it were.
Your etheric body did not awaken spontaneously. Your ability to be part of this experience only matured.
The whole ego thing and the need to destroy it to advance to new levels of enlightenment is just hogwash.
You take your ego with you on all your journeys. In fact, you need it to identify yourself when you return from some of your trips.

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It is possible. The ego mind likes to play tricks and amps up its game when a being threatens to discover that it is not actually the ego mind, but something that comes before the mind—that which observes the mind. It can play tricks of making people feel ill or of having euphoric experience such as the one you describe. The thing to return to is to remember that there is an experiencer or observer of this phenomenon. The experience is secondary to the observer and parsing the experience/phenomenon is a rabbit trail leading away from the observer. It’s better to keep quiet and bring your attention inward to who is having this experience.

To backtrack a bit, my experiences along this vein included waking up not remembering anything and feeling like I was inside and outside my body at the same time. My other experience was feeling a very uncomfortable energetic pressure both inside and outside my head (on the right hand side), which persisted for several days. These were during a weeklong silent retreat.

The reason for awakening is grace.

My sources for instruction are Mooji, Ramana Maharishi and Nisargadatta Maharaj. You can find their teachings online.

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