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What's a good packet sniffer for OS X?

Asked by iwamoto (5277points) July 6th, 2008

currently i use CocoaPacketAnalyzer but it’s pretty slow, and the wireshark adaption for OS X is not very stable, so what i want is a stable packetsniffer that works fast, what do you guys use/suggest ?


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Here are some that I really like:


I still have yet to find a remarkably fast packet sniffer, but these are certainly satisfactory.

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eavesdrop works pretty nice, i must say that the prementioned Cocoapacketanalyzer is now working decent, i’ll just test it some more, thanks anyway :)

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What’s a packet sniffer?

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a packet sniffer basically inspects every “packet” of data that comes through on the network and “sniffs” it, so it doesn’t use it, but just saves a copy of it, you can find out a lot of usefull information, and also for some, “evil” purposes

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If you have Leopard, you already have tcpdump available in Terminal. Wireshark is another option, although I believe it requires an Intel Mac. If you know a bit about a byte, you can compile Snort.

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