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How do you sync two Mac computers?

Asked by koesac (148points) June 2nd, 2008

So I have just got a laptop and I want to be able to sync it with my iMac. What is the easiest way of doing this? I want to do it over the network rather than the internet and to be able to do it in both directions.

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i know there’s some software for it, but no idea what it’s called, well, wonder how far you could get wth .mac

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I believe there is a way to do it when you set it up to isn’t there? Via firewire?

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What specifically are you wanting to sync? Specific content or everything?

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i am wanting to sync files and folders over the network, i have looked at .mac already and yes you can use the migration assistant to sync at the start but i need a solution for the future. Thanks for your interest guys.

This is what I have found so far, there is a command line thing called rsync which seems to be the thing to do, but I don’t really understand it and am looking for a program with a GUI to make life easier slash understandable. I am currently looking at rsyncx.

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I am really interested in this. I have a laptop and am trying to find a similar solution for this as well.

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OK i am now looking at deja vu, but it doesnt seem as simple as it should be (only working in one direction sometimes) but that may be because i need to go to bed.

Has anyone got a system like this in place already?

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I have found utilities that sync folders I am trying to find them. I will get back to you.

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There’s a great one called Sychronize Pro, works really well for this sort of thing. Google for it.

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thanks guys having a look at Synchronize Pro now.
SyncTogether looks like a good solution for bookmarks etc. am about to test it.

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@chaosrob: OOOOOO….. :)...

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Try FolderShare—I use it to sync all my Mac and PC computers. The great thing is that the PC data that goes over also gets protected by Time Machine. The software was made by ByteTaxi and is still free even though Microsoft bought it (please set aside your hatred of Microsoft and look at the product objectively. It is fantastic!).

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What’s wrong with .Mac? It’s much simpler.

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@artharkhan: i don’t hate microsoft.
@klaas4: ££$$$ and also from what i can tell it does it all over the internet, I just want to sync files over my network. I don’t need the extra stuff like email and web hosting either.

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@artharkhan: does it work over the internet, like dropbox?

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I reckon Martian Slingshot would serve you well. It’s based on RSYNC but is much easier to use than RsyncX.

I’ve used it before, and the model is quite simple to grasp and implement. Good luck!

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yes it works over a network and its free. Didn’t mean you personally hate microsoft—its just something I’ve noticed with most flutherites. In our “need” to bash microsoft, we often lose objective reasoning.

It works better than dropbox or any other product I’ve seen. Try it out.

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@klass, unless I’m missing something, .mac only syncs specific items like iCal, Address Book, etc. You can set things to sync via your iDisk, though….

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MEH, there is so much to look at, and they are all very diff but trying to do the same thing, which makes it obvious that there isn’t a simple solution, otherwise there would be one clear recomendation. I still have a few more on this list to try, but so far Sychronize Pro seems good, but it looks like it costs a small fortune for a poor student :(.

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I read a lot of negative remarks on Sycnronise Pro in reviews at
I use ChronoSync to sync files and folders between iMac and MacBook. Works fine. Easy GUI. TimeMachine backs up both macs independently, so I don’t know about how CS relates to TM. .mac is still pricy (€99 a year) but there’s nothing out there that syncs iCal, Mail and all the other apps so well. Especially now with MobileMe that syncs all your macs, iPods and iPhones in one go. No file or folder syncing though.

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iDisk sync. I use it, just because I don’t want another syncing app. But that’s just my personal preference, with the added bonus that you can access your files from another computer via

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Foldershare has now been renamed Microsoft Live Sync. Now it is able to sync even more files and has a slightly nicer interface. The basic operation is still the same—and I still use it every day. It’s great.

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I looked at “Synctogether” and it does exactly what MobileMe does; syncs everything BUT files. I, too, am looking for a program that will sync files/folders between my 2 Mac laptops

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