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Care to share some of your current favorite classical music?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34455points) July 1st, 2014

Yea I know this question has been asked twice before, 2010 and 2013 but we have a lot of different users since then and tastes change with time so I figured it’s ok to ask again.

I’ve been on a big classical music kick lately. Currently I’m listening to Gustav Holst’s The Planets , I’ve also really been into Saint-SaĆ«ns lately as well, especially Danse Macbre and The Carnival of Animals (my favorite is The Aquarium, shocking right :P)

What has the collective been listening to?

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The Mozart clarinet concerto in A, clarinet trio in E, ew=detail&mid=0020C2FDC3895BEB5CE30020C2FDC3895BEB5CE3 and clarinet quintet in A. proving that sometimes, all is right with the world.

If you love these, try the four Mozart French horn concerti in E flat (the only key that horn could play), starting with number 4.

And if you love that, try the hilarious musical satire of the fourth movement written by the British comedians, Michael Flanders and Donald Swann

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La Campanella Franz Liszt
Love Dream no 3 Liszt
Most of Chopin’s nocturnes

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Addendum. Satire is of the third movement of the Mozart horn concerto number four.

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@El_Cadejo I love Holst’s The Planets!

Sanctus performed by Libera.

Not sure if this is technically classical, but Theme for Jurassic Park by John Williams.

Or the theme from Star Trek 2009

And the theme for the mini-series John Adams

The Four Seasons by Vivaldi.

Appalachia Waltz by Yo-yo Ma and Mark O’Connor.

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Is suggesting Beethoven’s 5th symphony too cliche?

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I’ve recently drifted from the clockwork solo piano works of Bach to the Beethoven piano sonatas. It’s an interesting thing to realize that periods of your life can be cataloged by the classical music that held your interest at a particular time. Just as with rock music, or the era of Lawrence Welk, music defines us. Another thing I’ve discovered about myself is that over time I find myself concentrating less on the big orchestral showcases, and listening more to the “chamber” pieces—piano trios, string quartets, etc. Peculiar.

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Anything by Ralph Vaughan Williams. The Lark Ascending, for example.
A magnificent composer.

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One of my favourites is Erik Satie’s gymnopedie.

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A recent discovery for me is this CD – Zurich Pro Arte Wind Quintet
French Wind Music
– I’ve been listening to it a lot

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@gailcalled I really enjoyed the pieces from Motzart but as far as comedy goes, how about this one from Mozart Leck Mich im Arsch

@AshlynM I’ve been familiar with Franz Lizst’s music for a long time, my fiance tracked her ancestry back to him. :P

@Kardamom The Jurassic Park theme music is currently my wake up alarm. Such a nice way to be awaken in the morning :) While I like other pieces from Vivaldi I simply cannot listen to Four Seasons, damn wedding music >_<

@LDRSHIP not at all, one of my favorite pieces as well.

@stanleybmanly I find my tastes swing back and forth between the big orchestral pieces to the smaller chamber pieces. It’s highly dependent on mood for me

@Pachy I hadn’t heard of Ralph Vaughan Williams before but I thoroughly enjoyed The Lark Ascending, I’ll have to check out some of his other works.

@flutherother Ahh I love that piece but I never knew the name of it, thanks!

@jaytkay I love how upbeat that sounds, I can see myself getting a lot done while listening to that.

@Winter_Pariah Lacrimosa has long been one of my favorites from Mozart

@Adagio Both great pieces, Pachelbel Canon in D Major reminded me of this awesome cover I found on youtube years ago

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Beethoven’s 6th Symphony, 1st Movement – it has such a peaceful sound.

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You cannot beat Beethovens 9th or the 5th

Or Mozarts Requiem

Or Carmen Burana

Or Tchaikosvskys’ 1812 Overture

And on a more relaxed, slow day, Vivaldis Four Seasons

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Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings.

Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez.

Elgar’s Enigma Variations.

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@Kardamom Well, it surely doesn’t count as classical, but it’s still pretty funny, just came across this

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@Earthbound_Misfit Barber’s Adagio for Strings is where my choice of the name Adagio came from, originally, on another website, I called myself AdagioforStrings, it is a beautiful piece of music.

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@Adagio, well we have something in common. It certainly is very beautiful but quite a sad piece of music too. Very emotive. I like your name too.

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Arvo Part’s Tabula Rasa

Hesperion XXI’s Carlos V, Mille Regretz

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