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What is the all-purpose word for the sex someone is attracted to?

Asked by MarvinPowell (627points) July 3rd, 2014

The one that doesn’t apply just to straight people. For example, straight people are attracted to “the opposite sex.”

What term would you use if you meant ‘straight men to straight women,’ ‘straight women to straight men,’ ‘men to men,’ ‘women to women,’ those who will be with anyone or anything, and those who aren’t attracted to anyone or anything at all. What one term or word means the sex someone is attracted to based on their orientation.

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sexual orientation.

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Can’t really think of a succinct phrase with the exact meaning you want, but depending on context, maybe the sentence could be reworked to refer to them as “potential mates” or “love-interests.”

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Freud’s terms for this are “love object” or “anaclitic object” but the modern term is “sexual orientation.”

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Fetish?????? I don’t believe this is the word you are looking for.

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That’s a gross oversimplification even for those of us that identify as straight.

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