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Who is your favorite fictional character, and in what ways do you relate with them?

Asked by AshLeigh (15889points) July 3rd, 2014 from iPhone

They say that you choose your favorite character based on who you relate with the most. Who’s your favorite, and why? Name the book/movie/video game/whatever, please!

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Before I answer this question, can I ask a question? Can “fictional characters” from my own creation count?

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@Mimishu1995, yes, it can, and I would be very interested in hearing about a character you created!

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Naruto Uzamaki.

He’s the little asshole who loves everyone, screws up constantly, and never stops trying to become a better person.

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@AshLeigh OK, here I go :)

First I’ll go with a fictional character that already exists. I like Philip Marlowe a lot. I like him because he shares many things in common with me. He’s a private detective who earns a living from being honest and good. That would just be normal if the world he lives wasn’t almost filled with dishonesty and vices. Despite living in a world like that, he refuses to “go with the wind” and stands for what he thinks is right. He helps people and stands for justice, although he has to suffer greatly from that, both physically and emotionally. As a result he is often alone. He is just like me: kind and honest, sometimes persistent, and refuse to just follow every move of the crowd.

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And here’s my fictional character I have promised: his name is Nicolos Scalleta. He is a ex-cop-turned Mafioso. At his time at the police department he was a youthful detective who was just over-enthusiastic: he could do anything just to solve crime and bring criminals to justice. But not anyone in the police department had the same feeling as him. Some of the cops were actually friends and associates with a crime family.

When a case happened and it was tied to that crime family, he was removed from the case. Nonetheless, he was so determined to catch the criminal that he worked discreetly. He didn’t care for the fact that he and his family was constantly threatened (and sometimes beaten) he just kept on with the work.

When the criminal was finally discovered, unfortunately Nico couldn’t prove his guilt since he had full “police protection”. The case was labeled “unsolved”, and Nico was fired, much to his dismay. On the other hand, Nico’s discovery had brought some damage to the criminal’s scheme. The man was enraged and killed Nico’s family in front of his eye. Saddened by the event and disappointed by the police’s refusal to look into the killing, he accepted the offer from a witness he happened to save to take revenge on the criminal and the police. Nico eventually turned into a Mafioso, since the witness was part of the Mafia.

I think Nico and I have many quirks in common: just like me, he’s enthusiastic and can do anything for others, no matter how dangerous it is. But he isn’t sharp enough to hold back his spontaneous feeling, which eventually leads to a wrongful choice. Whatever he does, he never has any ill-will. He just tries to be kind and helpful. He has a fire inside him, and it’s burning very strongly.

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Captain Mal Reynolds. Things may not always go according to plan, but he’s loyal, protective, honourable… well,... good… well… an alright man.

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Leopold Stotch. After him, Hamlet, Harry Potter, Ulysses, Pinnochio, and Scrooge. Then Batman.

Oddly, I have twice been given the nickname “Superman”. Once by a girlfriend, who felt I was too much of a boyscout, and another by my coworkers, who were impressed with the depth of my abilities.

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My favorite character is Sebastian Verlac from the Mortal Instruments.
He has Greater Demon blood in him, and it causes him to be, well, evil. I’ve never been so drawn to a villain before. He’s written so beautifully, and the things he says make me love him. “How can a boy who was raised as a devil be anything but a demon?”
“If I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell.”
And my personal favorite: “I was going to kill someone today. I just wasn’t sure who when I woke up this morning. I do love mornings. So full of possibilities.”
The guy is a nutcase, but he’s my favorite character. He loves his sister, and he literally wants to burn down the world. I’m pretty sure that he wants to be the Devil, and goes into Hell at one point to take over. He wants to murder everyone.
Despite how evil he is, I don’t see how anyone could hate him. Had his father not poisoned him with Greater Demon blood, he would have been a wonderful person and I don’t blame him for anything. I just love him, more than I’ve ever loved any fictional character that I loved before him.

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Siddhārtha Gautama. Because his life mirrors mine.

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Lucifer. He was a freedom fighter that opposed an evil galactic tyrant, and made the ultimate sacrifice.

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Richard III Shakespeare’s great tribute to villainy, a man who takes up evil as a profession because his physical deformity convinces him he has little opportunity otherwise. There’s logic to “Since I look bad, I might as well be bad”, and the lesson of his over the top treachery, so severe that it borders on farce is: VILLAINY IS HARD WORK! I think Richard as a role is surpassed only by Hamlet as Shakespeare’s best. When it comes to being “bad” he chews up the scenery to show us he’s devoted to his “job” and damned good a it. The play itself is so close to sit-com funny as Richard and his sidekick Buckingham nearly giggle with delight at the prospect of murdering and betraying anything of virtue and goodness between them and the throne. Friends and relatives, are set upon each other, virtuous women, corrupted, innocent darling children smothered in their sleep. Every body’s gotta go. And yet, it’s treachery without a shred of cowardice. You gotta love him.

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Tarzan, mostly because of our orgasm yell

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Ayla, from the Earth Children series by Jean Auel. She was raised by a clan which did not understand her, resented her, and sometimes feared her. They believed mystical things about her innovative ways, and thought she was evil. She survived due to her strong will, and a couple of clan members who had the vague perception that she was special.
She suffered a great deal, but went on to acheive great things, fall in love, and be happy.
She frequently befriended wildlife, and studied the habits of most creatures she encountered.
She was tough, athletic, independant, and vulnerable. She was fiercely loyal, and wanted very much to be accepted.
She learned that crying was not an illness, but much older than most kids of her species.
Sometimes Ayla makes mistakes, but when she does, no-one is more angry about it than herself.

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House from “House”. He’s funny, playful and extremely smart. Those are the parts I love. He is also manipulative, which I don’t love – but I am intrigued by his convoluted schemes.

The cruel streak I ignore. I chalk it up to his abusive childhood, which was probably “needed” to make the character more likable.

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Mine is Superman. Except for my cape and spit curl, I’m absolutely nothing like him.

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Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame (any adaption of it). I am fascinated with gypsy culture and she represents my romantic (often sad) idea of gypsy life My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding kind if shat on that illusion for me!! I don’t know whether I relate to her but I love the idea of being so free spirited.

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Kyle Broflovski from South Park is my favorite.
And I also like Mary Ann Spier from the Babysitter’s Club because she’s shy, quiet and overly sensitive just like me.

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I am not one fictional character. Or even one non-fictional person. I am more of a combination of:
Moe from “The Simpsons” (My love life and popularity.)
Meg Griffin from “Family Guy” (How I’m treated by others and my popularity)
Pam Poovey from “Archer” (My attitude of not giving a fuck.)
EDI from “Mass Effect” (My inability to understand humans, yet curiosity about them.)
A Magikarp from “Pokémon” (My background of starting from the very bottom in life.)
Abed Nadir from “Community” (My quirkiness, love of TV & film, and social skills.)
Dr. House from “House” (How I’m smarter than most people, but in an off-putting way.)
Danny DeVito (My physical appearance; short and unattractive to women.)
Eminem (My mouth and my similar childhood.)
Kanye West (Again, my mouth and my less-than-agreeable opinions.)
Mark Zuckerberg (My intellect, ideas, and ambition.)
and Joss Whedon (My skills and nerdiness)

I’d say my favorite one is probably Abed, but the closest ones to me would probably be 50% Moe, 50% Meg. Not to mention having an ‘M’ name, as well.

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My favorite fictional character is Conan the Barbarian. I first saw the movie with Arnie when I was 10, and my dad had tons of the black and white comics which eventually became mine. I kept buying more when I could, usually in used book stores. Then finally I read some of the novels.

First and foremost I love all the adventures Conan goes on. Fighting people, monsters, demons…even gods. Seriously. All he has is a sword…and his wit. And sometimes an axe. And a mace. And sometimes he just punches the fuck out of things. Then he gets mad drunk and fucks every chick around.
But that’s not all he’s about. Conan’s world is dark and cruel. I hesitate to label this as fantasy, even if that’s what it is, because a lot of fantasy is all the same, dealing with right and wrong and an element of balance to everything…in Conan, everything is just so hopeless. Everyone in every village is sick, poor and dying. Kids kill dogs for fun. Everyone is out to betray you and steal anything you have. Everyone is crooked, mean and bloodthirsty. Good does not exist, or if it does, it is usually extinguished by some soldiers or a tyrant in an off handed fashion.

And so is Conan. He is not a hero, he’s a product of his times. In his early days he was a pirate, raiding and killing shit. But unlike most people everywhere, he does not make anyone suffer, nor does he kill for fun. He kills when he is threatened, otherwise, if someone surrenders, he leaves them be…unless they’re some murdering coward who had it coming. He is not an avatar of justice, and a lot of the stories are Conan trying to figure out what morality is.

He himself is disgusted by everything, hence his cynical and angry behavior. But he is a just and fair man, and eventually attempts to make a difference by becoming a king by his own hands. Conan is not an intellectually smart person, but he is wise. His sword arm gets him through a lot, but his wit and wisdom, even more. I do not relate to him in any way. All I could hope for if I was in his world is that he would save me from some sorcerer or something.

They call my people savages, but at least we do not sell our own children.

Conan!! Will you promise to love me forever??

No. Any man who makes such a promise is a liar.

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Well, it’d have to be one of my own creation, though as each fictional character is often actually a facet of the personality of the author, exactly which one is my favorite depends on my mood.

They all do have common elements that I relate to though. Each are intelligent, whether through sheer IQ or merely enough street-smarts to come across as highly intelligent. Each has a strong personal code of honor. And they all highly value truth; while they are not above omission or using truth to imply falsehoods, they never actually lie. How those manifest depends on which of the many characters we’re talking about just as my mood affects what type of person I am.

As for characters that would be known by people who haven’t been inside my head (or played in my Shadowrun campaign), I would have to also go with Dr. Gregory House. While I am a decent person with a wide streak of altruism, that doesn’t mean that I am nice or east to deal with. I’m a smart-ass, I have an ego, and (due to an accident on a construction site 20 years ago) I have a bit of a limp.

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Well, I made him up haha. He’s pretty much like me, with some differences (for example, he’s a guy, he’s not American, we don’t have the same religion, he has veeery different experiences from me, etc.), but in some ways we’re similar (we’re both bisexual, share some common mental illnesses, likes the same kind of things as me, etc.)

He’s pretty much my counselor buddy. He’s the guy I go to when I’m sad or mad or whatever. But he is fictional! I express my emotions through him by drawing him, writings stories about him, putting him in situations I experience and some other very different situations to see how he’d react, etc. I made him up in 6th grade and I’m a Junior in high school now, and I’ve kept him with me this entire time. It’s awesome to see how he’s changed since when I first created him and to see how he’s grown and stuff. Gah! I love him so much! He has become such an important part of my life. I think about him all the time.

That probably sounded really pathetic haha, but he makes me feel better when I’m down. He makes me extremely happy. I don’t think anyone will ever understand how much he’s grown on me and how much he means to me and how important he is to me. I love him so much!!!

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