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Can plastic surgeons adjust nostril shape?

Asked by Aster (18313points) July 8th, 2014

I was watching, “Botched” about two plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills who repair botched surgeries. One lady had her nose re-done and it looks so much better but one nostril was round and the other oval post corrective surgery. Could this have been avoided?

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I’m sure it could be done, but a good surgeon looks at how much scarring is likely, and would that defeat the attempt.

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If you are starting with a nose that has had no previous surgery then yes nostril shape and angle can be changed. However repairing the damage of a botched surgery is something else entirely. The surgeon in this case was probably limited by what was previously done and also by the patients need to still be able to breath. Changing the shape often reduces the size of the nostril and a decent surgeon will put the ability to breath over aesthetics.

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Yes, I knew someone that had a rhinoplasty surgery and ended up with flared nostrils like a horse. Not sure what happened but she ended up looking like she had just run a race. haha

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