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How do I get rid of a scar?

Asked by butters326 (17points) July 6th, 2008 from iPhone

its really noticeable,
I got a mole removed,an people alaways said “whats that on your face” an now a scar is there an people still say the same thing..

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Can’t get rid of it, but you can minimize the appearance of it.

You can get products such as Mederma or Vitamin E Oil. Rub it on daily to minimize the scar.

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also make sure you put sunscreen on it every day

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Try vitamin C, its incredibly healthy for the skin. Take supplements or find a topical product and give it a shot, its not very expensive. Vitamin C also works wonders for pimples.

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Bio-Oil is a fairly good product.

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Actually battlemarz you use vitamin E. My sister, my friends and I were playing ghost in the graveyard at night (of course), and she ran into a bike rack. She later got 200 to 300 stiches. She was so affraid that she would always have that scar, but the doc said to put vitamin E on it. Now you can’t even see it!

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I believe they are both used, see link . I have only had experience taking Vitamin C, but it has helped, I’m sure a combination would be best.

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