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When you're sending an email, what is "cc"?

Asked by writerini (154points) July 6th, 2008
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It stands for Carbon Copy. It means sending the same email to multiple people. BCC is Blind Carbon Copy. That is the same as CC but people can’t see the list of other people you sent the email too.

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A long time ago there was something called “carbon paper” your secretary would use it to make a copy of what she was typing. It was called a “CARBON COPY”.
Thank god someone invented cc, it has saved so much wasted carbon!

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hmmmm…wasn’t something like this asked two weeks ago??? Hello Fluther gods???

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Upward: Dentists still use carbon paper when checking if fillings, caps or implants meet correctly. It is also used in some tailoring applications as well.

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Carbon paper is also still used by police (at least here in Australia) when they give you fines etc (tear off the cc for you, keep the other for their records).

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