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Am I worrying for nothing (pregnancy related)

Asked by confuzzlement (274points) July 10th, 2014

Hi there, I would have posted this on a pregnancy website but they’re so intimidating. Anyway here’s the details, I’d appreciate your help, but I realize there’s only so much you can help me with…

Protection was used, but really it’s all a blur thanks to my little friend alcohol. (I know, how irresponsible). That was about 3 weeks ago now, got my period on time sort of normal flow then stopped after 2 days with some light pink and brown bleeding the day after that. I told my doctor and she seemed to think there was cause for concern. I read up on it after that, and it sounds like implantation bleeding? Even though it was on time. I’m only 20 so this is scaring me. Also been feeling very tired and needing to pee a lot, some cramps too. I have to wait a few days before I test. Should I be worried? Thanks for reading.

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Yes, you should if you do not want to be pregnant. Why not take a home pregnancy test to know one way or the other? Take the test sober, please.

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That last part was unnecessary, but that’s the plan. To take the test in a few days, so if I am it’ll give the hCG time to build up to get a more accurate result. Just wondering if it sounded a bit unlikely. Thanks for your reply.

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Was your period on time? Is that what you meant by on time? How long after the sex was the bleeding? Days? Implantation would happen within a few days of the sex. If you were on time and had sex just a few days before your period the chance you are pregnant is extremely low. Extremely low. If you aren’t sure just go and get a pregnancy test and pee on the stick. If it’s been over three weeks since you had sex you will come up positive if you are pregnant.

Go get a test now. The earlier you know the better if you want to end it.

On another note, it doesn’t sound like implantation bleeding to me, but people bleed during pregnancy all the time, so it doesn’t mean you aren’t pregnant.

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Modern pregnancy home tests have been vastly improved for accuracy in the last few decades. Many can detect pregnancy within just a few days of a missed period. I would take a test right now, well…1st thing tomorrow morning. Go to your nearest drug store tonight and have one on standby for morning. You test with your first morning urine, go directly to the bathroom first thing tomorrow a.m. and you should know.

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Yes it was. And it was 3 weeks after, but I think I might have bled the day after I had sex I have an awful memory so I couldn’t say for sure.
I’ll definitely get a test as soon as possible anyway. Thanks.

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Let us know what happens. You’ll feel better once you do the test.

Don’t get so drunk.

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Will do.

I’m starting to regret mentioning that now. Everybody makes mistakes, I’ve learnt from mine.

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Never spend money on expensive pregnancy tests. They are the biggest ripoff. The Dollar Tree pregnancy tests work just as good and are only a buck. They are the exact same thing the doctor uses when they test a patient for pregnancy. Save yourself some money.

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You told your doctor an she seemed to “think there was cause for concern.” Concern of what, and why didn’t she run tests then?

I’ve done plenty of stupid things drunk at 20 years old. No judgement from me. I grew out of it… Mostly.

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No judgement here, just giving some advice for the future.

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I went late in the evening, the doctors office was closing. She just told me to come back.

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It’s negative, all that worry for nothing. Thanks for all of your answers. Have a nice day!

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