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What sort of textures do you crave the most?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) July 13th, 2014 from iPhone

For eating, at this moment, I would like a warm silky butternut squash soup with dense fiberous game meat that I have to tear into with my teeth and chew forever. Along with some crisp al dente aspargus.

For my skin I would like it encased with a nappy worn and slightly rough blanket. Thin and just barely singed by an ancient entangelment with an overeager dryer. The last time it was washed some months ago it snapped dry on the line. No fabric softener. It scrapes my skin softly as I rock on a wooden chair that has a slight hitch in it from an irregular crease in the floor. The cool evening air exhaling gently across my face. The sky painted in soft glowing undertones backlit lazy clouds the distant trees soft smudges.

Meh… If only. What about you?

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Proper, full on fat, low air content, undamaged ice cream.

That perfect ultra fresh raw scallop.

The silky smoothness of a Nat Sherman Hint cigarette.

The supple liveliness of my bicycle’s line topping Michelin slicks.

The knotchy directness of my Integra’s manual shifter.

The velvety cotton of a Cheltenham shirt.

The moody flow of Cocteau Twins guitars…

Life. It’s all about how it feels.

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Wow that sounds great @SecondHandStoke. I’d spend the day with you

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High resolution, and no visible tiling when tiled.

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I would like to have my own zero G room, so I could float around naked, and have no textures touching me at all. My sensitivity is already on maximum overdrive from my pain.
I would like the gentle soundwaves of John Denver massaging my eardrums.
Creamy potato soup, with plenty of butter floating on top, and fat, soggy crackers soaking up the milk would go down easy and soothing. To compliment it, ice warer so cold it feels crispy in my throat.
I wonder if my pain would ease in zero G.

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Taking a shower and laying in a clean bed naked.

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For food, I like creamy, and I also like chunky (ie chunky applesauce, chunky peanut butter, cookies with nuts, yogurt with added nuts or added fresh fruit or both).

Otherwise, I like the smooth silkiness of a bathing suit or satin nightgown. I like velour, like velour blankets. I like the scratchy feeling of clean towels that have not been put in the dryer.

I like floating in a swimming pool and feeling the cool water surround me.

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Cheese, especially gooey cheese and pasta.

I prefer smooth, cool clothing and coverings – cotton, silk and linen.

I love a warm bath where I can forget where my body ends and the water begins, and forget the pull of gravity.

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@SecondHandStoke We used to smoke those skinny little brown Nat Shermans! What a grand memory from the middle 70s!

As for textures; creamy smooth icy cold sugar free ice cream! (Mint chocolate chip)

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Crispy, crunchy, 100% cotton sheets, wind-dried, sun-drenched, fresh off the line.

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Soft, fluffy and warm blankets to wrap myself in and squishy, soft but firm pillows to snuggle against.

Some crispy, hot, buttered toast or crumpets or English muffins to eat.

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:) I love all the answers… Well, actually, @ragingloli‘s confused me.

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It’s best to have company when exploring The Sensual World.

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Right now, I’d really love a nice, properly prepared peach mango pie with velvety, syrupy filling and smooth, whipped ice cream while lying in the smooth, yet solid feeling that only a 50/50 cotton-lyocell blend sheet can bring.

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MAKE mine key Lime Pie, puhlease!

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