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Tracking number vanished from Canada Post tracking system?

Asked by XOIIO (18113points) July 13th, 2014

So, awaiting my parcel which is supposed to be here tomorrow (based on their delivery standard, though it has just been processed in Winnipeg for a day or two), I go to check the number through the ebay link, and the bar is grey, no information. I manually enter the number and hit track, and the site says that the number is not in the tracking system.

What the hell?

Anyways I phone in and of course, it’s sunday, so it’s just the automated system, I enter the number there, and it’s just “we are experiencing technical difficulties”.

What the heck is going on? Did something take out their entire tracking system or something? If so how could something do that?

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Did it occur to you that the tracking system might be just fine but the phone system might be experiencing difficulties? Maybe because it’s Sunday and everyone is calling in, worried about their shipments. Maybe because an electrical storm disrupted the telephony. Try again later.

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@canidmajor If the tracking system is fine, then why did my tracking number vanish from the system? It was working fine early this morning, now it’s gone.

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CP’s tracking system is terrible. This kind of thing happens to me all the time, and the package is usually delivered just fine.

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@dappled_leaves Hopefully, I just don’t get how the tracking number is gone though, unless something happened that wiped out the entire tracking system record, but you would think a nation wide postal service would have backups/multiple servers to handle that sort of thing.

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Yeah, it’s bad, but I’m not surprised that it hasn’t improved, given the amount of crap Canada Post has been taking from the Harper government.

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I am experiencing the same thing, I’ve been tracking my parcel for a few days and today it just vanished. Canada post’s site had maintenance last night so it’s probably due to that. Hopefully it’s all fixed by Monday morning.

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@dappled_leaves What do you mean?

@mapleguy Well, good to hear that someone else has the same issue, maybe it is just some database problem then, though it’s still really weird.

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I strongly suggest that you Blame Canada.

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