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If tomorrow everyone woke up and treated everyone they will meet like puppies, how would the world be different?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) July 19th, 2014

It will never happen, but imagine that when everyone wakes in the morning every person they meet they will treat like a puppy. I can’t think of anyone that doesn’t like puppies, even if they do not want to own one, they like or love them; if they see a puppy that looks thirsty, they give him a drink, if hungry, they give her a snack, if sad, comfort, etc. What if people woke up and treated every other human they met with as much concern, compassion, and well-being as they would a puppy, how would the part of the world you live in be different?

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There’d be a lot of people lying on their backs getting their tummies rubbed.

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Ohh a world full of cannibals.
Sounds fun.

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^ So puppies eat other puppies….what have I missed? Around here they sniff each other’s butts then go chase around, guess they have “dumb puppies” around here. ~~

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The patronizing condescension would continue as usual.

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^ The patronizing condescension would continue as usual.
Do tell, please explain more?

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You’d hear a lot of people saying, “Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?”

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There are some people who tie puppies up in bags
and toss them off the bridge. No thanks dude.

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This question went down hill fast.

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I wouldn’t want to be neutered.

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There would be a lot of people walking around with pooper scoopers and plastic bags full of manure.

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Lots of leg humping action

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The first person that shoves my nose in a pile of shit is getting bitten.

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There would be puppy shit and piss all over the place!

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Nothing would change, for me. I ignore humans. I ignore puppies. It would be the same.

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I never explain my jokes.

The burden of goof lies with the observer.

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@chyna This question went down hill fast.
No… think? ~~ Par for the course for Fluther, I hardly expect more; wrong question, made one think too much, naming cacti is about the speed here.

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