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When is it okay to lie when you're dating online?

Asked by whattodo2 (91points) July 7th, 2008

And does the way you describe yourself depend on your gender, age, etc.?

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You shouldn’t lie about anything

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You shouldn’t date online

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Haha. But if you do date online. And if that dating in any way does mean something, then lying is just stupid.

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Don’t lie about anything. It will just make you look desperate.

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Depends what you want out of it. If you actually want to eventually meet the person bullshitting probably isn’t the best idea.

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Well now it depends I guess. If both parties are only there for a laugh, then I guess it’s fine. However, if there are real feelings involved, then no, you should not lie about anything.

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You should tell people that you are really hot and copy some picture of a really hot person from a google image search and upload it. That way when you finally meet the person you won’t bee too mad when you find out that they did the same thing to you.

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Only if you have absolutely no intention of actually meeting the person, then yes, you should have some fun with it.

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Be as honest as you want the other person to be to you.

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Meh, I don’t see the fun in lying to someone that might be hoping for you to be true to them. Except if you aim to rickroll them.

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Why would you lie? Why would you think that there are circumstances under which it would be ok?

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Look at my comment from 2008.

I’m sitting here right to next to girl I will marry whom I met online.

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