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What is a good program for handling complex financial/debt/payment equations?

Asked by finkelitis (1907points) July 7th, 2008

I’m curious about a problem modeling complex interest payment plans, as you might have with one or several credit cards, each charging different interest rates, and sometimes with artificially complicated payment plans. I can sit down and do all the math, but I’m wondering if there isn’t a clean computer program or service to handle this problem in it’s full complexity, as you might have for a small business.

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This seems like a really good program and you can download a fully functional demo from their site to see if you like it

You might want to check this out too. (unless your on a PC then nm)

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Mr-Hasn’t-Done-Modeling-In-Many-Years says: Sounds like a job for Matlab!

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I’ve found that the best way is pencil and paper.

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