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Best strategy to get to Las Vegas from Orange County?

Asked by zzztimbo (61points) July 7th, 2008

I would like some ideas on transporting two adults to Las Vegas from Orange County.

Even with the gas prices being what they are, I think driving will be a little bit cheaper than JetBlue and give us some versatility as to departure and arrival time.

Does Enterprise allow you to rent a car one way? On the return trip home I’d rent again, going the other way.

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I think it would be cheaper to fly southwest, to be honest with you.
how much is gas in vegas? Because here its about $5 give or take 15 cents.

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I just did a query on and getting tickets now would cost $637 for 2 adults (round trip). Gas will be much cheaper than that.

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Think of the time spent at airports before you make up your mind. Also look on line for any hotel deals. Las Vegas airport is always busy. Check car rents for deals – a car in Las Vegas can be useful.

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Gas now at $4.27 I always drive to Ventura county. Look into a car and hotel deal you should be able to find something.

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The SWA price that was referred to was the last minute price. You didn’t mention when you were going. SW’s flights are cheaper when purchased (usually 2 weeks in advance). They also have a feature called DING that notifies you of even deeper discounted specials. In two weeks you can find roundtrip flights for 2 for $317. Flight time is a little over an hour, but then, as stated above, you have to factor in airport time. Driving time is about 4 hours each way.

One way car rentals are usually more than regular roundtrip rentals. The way I book a car is to go to the SWA site, and compare the various companies under car rental. That gives me a ballpark and then I go to the companies are listed and see if I can do any better. You can plug in your dates and answer your own questions that way, since we don’t know the details. You do not have to fly SWA to rent a car or hotel room on their site. If I were you, I’d also compare what it would be to keep the car for the duration of your stay, but factor in if the hotel you are staying at charges for parking. When booking hotels,I also factor in whether or not breakfast is included.

Keep in mind that the gas prices may be more enroute to LV. I know they are on I-5 in the middle of nowhere. If you are going now, it is hot as the hinges, so you have to figure in AC as well.

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You can try I entered departing John Wayne airport on 07/30, returning 08/06, for a package including hotel and rental car. The lowest (probably not desireable) was $346 per person including air, hotel and car with the high end around $900 per person. Do read all the fine print however (I have only rented cars through this web site, but had no problems).

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