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I have a motorola krazer. How do I setup the phone to vibrate only. When someone calls in, the phone vibrates but then rings if I don't answer it. Also rings when a voicemail is left. How do I change the setting?

Asked by fluthergreg2007 (1points) July 13th, 2007
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Without looking at a Motorola Phone in my hand, I can't recall the exact menu-steps to configure the settings; however, if the krazer is the same as past Motorola phones produced, you simply have to press the volume up/down button while the phone is closed. This will bring up a menu with the different volume settings, allowing you to swith from one to another using the single button below the volume button before pressing the volume button again to lock in your choice. Similarly, if the screen is up, you can probably click the Volume Down button on the side of the handset until it's comlpetely off and on vibrate.

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