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How much is a bathroom worth?

Asked by give_seek (683points) July 27th, 2014

I have a two-bath apartment. Each bathroom is approximately 10’ x 9’. Any ideas about what percentage of the rent each bathroom represents?

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In my town, we generally equate each bathroom with half of a room.

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Well…if you split the rent 50/50 then the bathrooms are included in that.

You’d just have to get the overall square footage of the apartment, break the rent down by the # of square feet, then figure the specific square feet of the bathrooms and do the math.

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Are you trying to calculate the value in order to rent out a room with use of bathroom (and kitchen, perhaps).

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If the rooms and bathrooms are the same size then you split the rent 50/50 with shared common space and kitchen use. Don’t be greedy, it’s even Steven.

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@Dutchess is right. You need the total square footage of the entire apartment in order to determine the percentage dedicated to the bathrooms.

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I think it would help to know for what purpose she wants to know. I asked above what I think would be helpful to know for the purpose of renting out a room.

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Thank you for your answers.

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So, how much is your bathroom worth? And is it for sale?

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