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Would you like to see Tim Burton and Michael Keaton do another Batman movie?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) July 27th, 2014

With all the Batman movies that have been made and looks like will continue to be made down the road, how about a movie with an older Batman played by Keaton and directed by Burton-?

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Gah. Good lord no.

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In a word, NO!!! For me, Keaton was never Batman and Burton is too weird for my taste.

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I liked Keaton as Batman, which is surprising because I didn’t like him in much else. But… dude’s old.

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While not Burton, have you seen the trailer for Birdman? I kinda see it as him reprising his Batman role in a satirical manner.

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They never got Batman right, Keaton wasn’t bad, Clooney & Kilmer were shite & Bale is way too dark.
Bring back Adam West, or at least that comic book style, yes it was crap, but it was funny crap…Thwack…Biff…Kapowww

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danny devito should play batman, and uwe boll should direct.

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I wouldn’t want a live-action theatrical Burton movie, but since Burton loves animation, it would be interestg to see him direct an animated Batman film, with Keaton providing the voice. I think his original Batman films should have been animated too.

If that doesn’t happen, I would love to see Bruce Timm make another movie based on his show Batman: The Animated Series

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@rockfan If Batman is animated only one man and one man alone is allowed to voice him. Kevin Conroy.

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That animated series was great – I need to re-watch that again.

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I’d like to see Tim Burton and Micheal Keaton make a movie together that was not Batman. Maybe an updated, edgier “Johnny Dangerously”. lol

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As I understand it, they are working on Beetlegeuse 2.

I liked Keaton as Batman, but I always wanted to see Powers Booth play him.

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Oh, no. Beetlejuice is one of my all time favorite movies. I don’t see how they can do it justice.

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I agree, after thinking about it, Keaton’s voice wouldn’t translate very well to animation. Kevin Conroy is an amazing voice-over srtist.

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