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Do closed accounts accrue lurve?

Asked by FlyingWolf (2815points) July 29th, 2014

If a user with a closed account gets a great question or great answer, does their lurve increase?

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I just gave a post from a closed account a GA, then refreshed the page. The answer to your Q is yes.

I wonder how many others are checking this right now? ;-)

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As far as I’ve seen in the past, yes, they still gain lurve.

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It is kinda like facebook. When you close your account it just flips a switch in the database to not show your profile. Your posts and all your data remain. They can easily turn your account back on like nothing happened.

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Yes. Eponymoushipster hit 20k after he had been gone for at least 2 years. (no party for him)

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@jonsblond he deserved a party, I liked that guy! I wonder where Grisaille’s lurve is now (and Cak, and Whatthefluther).

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@FlyingWolf Look what I found. Privatefacilities is also close to 20k, but he hasn’t made an appearance for 3 years. :(

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^^ Too many long gone Jellies on that thread.

:: sad cookie ::

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^^ like a cookie dipped too long in your coffee, all limp & broken.

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not so sure about ‘limp’

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Limp Bizkit (biscuit)...keep rollin, rollin, rollin…

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Is it just me or does lurve not accumulate all the time when you get GAs and whatnot? It only seems to be credited part of the time.

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There is a limit each Jelly can give to another Jelly, 100 lurve. It will show QA but no additional lurve if the limit has been reached.

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Does that time out?

Response moderated
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@ibstubro Deactivated and closed accounts can still receive lurve in the questions the user participated in.

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Wow. That’s bizarre, @jonsblond. Loophole of sorts, I guess.

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@ibstubro : You should try it. It works, like I said above, but within the parameters of anyone getting more lurve.

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Yes, I had closed an account out several years ago, but looked for an older question where I had found myself involved in it, and was shocked to find that my account had around 200 more lurve from when I first closed that account out.

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