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Other than candy, what other material would you like to see in PEZ Dispensers?

Asked by UnholyThirst (1453points) August 1st, 2014

Something handy that you would like to have plenty of at all times.

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LOL @SecondHandStoke

How about Patron shots?

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A pill for patience when I’m driving.

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Patron gelcaps?

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Patron gelcaps could really come in handy.

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Dog treats! Seriously, that would rock.

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Caffeinated mints.

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Mini bars of soap that say “Pez” on them and look just like the candy.

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Prozac. I could give them to all of my employees.

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@dxs I like that. Single use soaps. Nice.

If you can get the packaging right, single use toothpaste.

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An instant-orgasm pill. You’d be a hit at parties. Or, you could leave them lying around at a get-together and watch the fun.

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@cookieman Don’t you mean a come-together?

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Chloroform packs.

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Chill pills, place the dispensers at toll booths to placate the more irate driver.

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@thorninmud I liked that idea, until I found this :]

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I’m sure I can do something about the soap. That would be cool. I can use a Norwegian cheese cutter now for single use soap but that would be a precise cut or mould to get the pez shape right.

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There’s a bunch of Pez dispensers going to be filled with cash and hidden around NY City.

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