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PS3 controller?

Asked by curiosity (20points) August 3rd, 2014

My PS3 controller won’t work correctly. I will start a match on Black Ops 2, I can barely move because it is so slow like by the time I get around a corner on nuke town then the game is over. I need some help on trying to figure out what to do about. I always try to restart the system but it doesn’t always work. I’m looking for a permanent fix.

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Sounds like one of the sensors is messed up. Given the nature of solid-state electronics, there really isn’t much that can be done; it’s cheaper and far easier to replace than to repair.

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ok thank you

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Here is a website with some available PS3 repair parts.

They have a lot of controller repair parts that are cheap, but they mostly relate to joystick repair. It sounds like the problem is beyond that and I honestly think it would be a better idea to just replace the controller. However, if you are interested in taking it apart and find a repair part online that seems like it is connected to the issue, it is possibly cheaper to repair.

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Ok. The part that is confusing me is that it works perfectly fine when I’m watching netflix or doing anything else it is fine. the only time that it acts up is during the game. I am wondering if it is my PS3 that is the problem.

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@curiosity What exactly is it doing? Have you tested it with multiple games? If it works fine for other applications, the problem may be the input used for the game that isn’t needed for applications like netflix.

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