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How to teach division for my 3rd grader?

Asked by vumash (2points) July 8th, 2008
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Tell him/her it’s like sharing.
3/2 is 3 cookies shared between 2 friends. So each friend gets 1 1/2 cookies.

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Use hands-on tools to teach division by teaching grouping. For instance, take out 15 pieces of candy and tell the kid she/he has to divide them by 5 people, creating five equal groups of candy. Write the division problems on a piece of paper with the explanation that the number on the inside represents the total pieces of candy and the number on the outside represents the number of groups that candy needs to be put into. Then work it all out. Be sure to start with equal groupings at first, then work into remainders, then adding decimals, etc. The candy can also be used as a treat, providing an incentive for whatever number of correct answers.
Although I have never taught 3rd grade, I have taught learning disabled 7th and 8th graders whose math skills were below that of a third grader, and manipulatives always work better!

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I went the fashion way and went to school. but that is just me

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Just want to echo what @gimmedat said. My sister taught me multiplication and division using those little Teddy Graham crackers after school one day. It was really simple and clear and I never forgot it.

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This site has some age-appropriate lesson plans. Here is an example:

“How to divide a number that consists of even tens by another number:

* Move the decimal point of the dividend one place to the left
* Do the division.
* Move the decimal point of the quotient one place to the right”

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@marina, is that serious?

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@waterskier. Yes. Don’t you remember that from school? That is only one lesson. The site has a bunch of others.

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idk it seems like the thing u posted would be hard for a third grader to understand

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use a tangerine :)

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