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Suppose you could divide by 0. How would you use this capability?

Asked by elbanditoroso (32909points) 2 months ago

Of course, you can’t – but let’s posit for the sake of this question that it were possible.

How would it be useful?

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Destroy the universe.

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To cross out variables in mathematics.

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Is that like splitting an atom? Kaboom.

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Calculating how many angels can stand on the end of a needle.

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I suppose I’d use it to undefine anything I did not like, sending them into an infinite abyss.

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I’d create a wormhole in space and time. Also master cold fusion.

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I’d use it to generate clean energy. Almost all the world’s problems could be solved with an infinite clean energy source. Water, food, heat, cooling, transportation, housing shortages would soon vanish.

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I’d finally figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.

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@gorillapaws actually there is a well known formula – the TSA (tongue to surface area) algorithm. It goes roughly like this:

T = length of tongue multiplied by width of tongue

this gives you SA (surface area) but not all of the tongue can be used. The issue is the number of tongue taste receptors, and those decrease with age.

A 25-year old has roughly 100,000 taste receptors (100%)
A 45 year old has 80,000 80%
A 65 year old has 65,000 65%

so you take TSA * TRP (Taste recepter percentage) for starters.

Then you have to look at the Tootsie Pop itself. Grape tootsies take more licks than orange tootises. Chocolate take more licks than grape.

So you need to assign each color a numeric lick value:
chocolate 86
raspberry 83
grape 79
orange 58

You don’t need quadratic equations to know that

NL (Number of licks) = (TSA * TRP) * Lick value

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Use it to figure out how Trump and Musk will divide their estates when they die

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I’d use my power to blast away the door of the lunatic asylum where I have been incarcerated for far too long.

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I would use 1/0 to form a new religion, taking people beyond good and evil. 1/0 can’t be a positive number, because it moves to negative infinity for small negative numbers. Similarly, it can’t be a negative number. It must be beyond positive or negative, some new force we have never seen before.

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Flying at exactly Mach 1 would be so much smoother.

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