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What's your favorite vegetarian food to put on the grill?

Asked by rockfan (7793points) August 14th, 2014

I really like grilled strawberries, drizzled with some balsamic vinegar on top. What about you?

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Portabella mushroom caps. Easy and delicious. Even better if there are some meat eaters grilling at the same time…the smoke adds to the flavor.

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Halloumi cheese, brushed with olive oil and rubbed with smoked paprika!

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Vidalia onions.

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Grilled zucchini with seasonings.

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@Pied_Pfeffer You’re evil. Corn roasts really well.

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Asparagus, peppers, zuchini, vadalias, mushrooms, tomatoes. If you make a shish kabob it can be easier to deal with grilling smaller veggies.

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Whole uncut eggplant. :)

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Big beef tomatoes, corn on the cob and baked potatoes (better to pre-cook these a bit in the microwave before throwing them on the Barbie).

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Chicken! ;)

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Vegans don’t taste good at all on the grill.

Vegetarians, especially if they are relatively new to vegetarianism, taste pretty good. But they usually need a lot of spice.

I won’t eat pescatarians. Something fishy about them.

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My cousin introduced me to making Pizza on the BBQ grill. Wow!

I’ve also had grilled pineapple that was da bomb.

Portobello mushrooms are terrific too, put onto a burger bun with some cheese, roasted red pepper and arugula with some sliced Maui onion, maybe some avocado and some good Aioli

Those little sweet red, yellow and orange peppers are great on a skewer with grape tomatoes, sweet onions, and mushrooms.

Here’s one I’d like to try. Beer Barbecued Tofu

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@Kardamom That tofu looks amazing. I have to try that too.

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A lot of my favorites have been named already. I love roasting garlic in tin foil on the grill though. Recently I started adding habaneros or ghost peppers into the tin foil with the garlic. Talk about fire roasted garlic…. spread some of that on a piece of toast mmmmmmmmmm

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Buttered corn on the cob.

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We recently made some grilled asparagus that was just delicious.

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@marinelife Oh, I just bought asparagus yesterday, maybe we’ll do that this weekend.

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we roasted some Hatch peppers last weekend.

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veggie sausages and burger are nice – I used to appreciate those when I was veggie

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