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How particular are you when you wash / dry / fold your clothes?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36153points) August 14th, 2014

I’m not particular at all. If they’re inside out when I throw them in the wash I don’t care (and come to think of it, that’s probably best anyway.) They go through the dryer inside out, and then they get folded inside out.

My underwear just gets piled in a place of it’s own on the dryer, then crammed into my underwear drawer. My husband, on the other hand, meticulously folds them.

I don’t iron unless I absolutely have to.

Are you particular or not?

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I have some basketball shirts that get messed up in the wash/dryer if I don’t put them in inside out, so I make sure to wash them inside out. Other than that, It doesn’t matter. Everything goes in the washer and the dryer together. I fold my stuff and put it into the drawer, including underwear.

I tend to leave worn clothes sitting around a lot because I wear things more than once. This led me to create a new method of sorting my clothes. I have four drawers along with closet space. Originally, I’d put underwear in one drawer, shorts in another, and shirts in the other two (some stuff in the closet, too). With my new method, I put underwear in one drawer, shorts in another, and fit all of my shirts in the third drawer. Then, I leave the fourth drawer for clothes I’ve worn. This lessens the piles of clothes that accumulate. When I know I’m done wearing something, it goes into a bag that holds clothes I want to wash. So far, the system has been effective; there are less clothes sitting around.

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Toss in a garbage bag and walk to the laundromat and hope for the best.

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What are these things of which you speak? Never mind, i’ll ask my staff.

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I just throw it all in together. Then it sits in the hamper, for a week until the pile of clothes on the floor is bothering me.

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I’m like you. I even stopped separating colours a while ago.

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I like my socks matched, but that’s a luxury that rarely happens. I think they take turns running to the neighbors to mate with their socks! That’s got to be why we keep finding socks we’ve never seen before in our laundry!

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I only buy white socks, all the same kind. No matching needed! Except for my occasional work socks. I always make sure I put them in the same load together.

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@Dutchess_III Eh, even when I only buy one color, they still need matched. One has a different thickness, or different height, etc. There’s always something.

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I’m careful about sorting my washing. Darks with darks, whites with whites. Then I hang most clothes on hangers. Or I fold them carefully. I only iron things (if required) before I wear something. I don’t use a dryer unless I have no other choice. I’d rather hang my stuff on the line on hangers (or on the line if it’s a tee shirt, pjs, undies) or hang them up under cover.

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The only thing I’m particular about is making sure that any of my dark clothes go through at least 5–6 washings (to be sure they won’t bleed anymore) before putting them in with anything else.

I can’t even remember the last time I ironed anything.

I also wash and dry all my dark colors inside out so that any lint doesn’t show up on the right side of the garment.

I’m also particular about checking each and every pocket to be sure that no tissues end up in the wash.

But that’s pretty much it. Doesn’t take long at all and everything I do is to avoid problems afterward.

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I keep bags of cat litter on my ironing board so I don’t have to bend down.

Wash, dry and fold…not particularly difficult. I do dry a few things on a drying rack or a wooden hanger. Takes about 3” to do the sorting.

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“I keep bags of cat litter on my ironing board so I don’t have to bend down.” What?

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Litter bags are on ironing board. LItter box in a 8” raised platform off the ground. I pour litter into a large cup from the bag and then, without bending completely over, stream it into the litter box.

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@gailcalled Do you have a second ironing board just for ironing clothes? ;D

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No. I stopped ironing long ago. It’s amazing how easy it is to used wrinkled cloth napkins, cotton table cloths, sheets and pillow cases. When I hang cotton shirts up to dry, I run my fingers around the collar and down the front sides briefly…a micro-mini-pressing.

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