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Is the situation in Ferguson, MO improving?

Asked by filmfann (44461points) August 15th, 2014

Unarmed 18 year old Michael Brown was shot dead by the police. He was about to enter college. He had his hands above his head. He was shot by the police for no reason. Another black teen shot dead by the racist cops.

Oh, wait.

The cop that shot him is black.
And a video has just been released showing Michael Brown strong arming a convenience store clerk, while allegedly stealing some cigarillos.
And his friend just admitted Brown did steal from the store.
And another witness saw Brown reach into the police vehicle and struggle with the officer.

Does this change anything? Is it okay that an 18 year black teen was shot while his arms were raised and he was unarmed?

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No, it’s not okay that he was shot while his arms were upraised. Use of force ends when the policeman no longer feels threatened, not because he felt threatened ten seconds earlier.

If Brown was a suspect in a strong arm robbery, why did the policeman start this whole incident off by telling him to get on the sidewalk?

And the pictures are approximately someone who looks like Brown, it is not conclusive. And why are we just hearing about this on Friday? The Ferguson Police announce the name of the killer and then demonize the victim.

What is improving is that the State Troopers are not treating peaceful demonstrators as a military foe.

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I think the local police, the mayor, and the Governor are doing an amazing job of handling the story.

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I think I’ll wait until I hear all sides of the story. The Police, the bystanders (the ones who were actually there when it happened), the store clerk and any video that was taken by the store security cameras. Frankly I’m sick of the whole “rush to judgement” that many people have a habit of doing today. Not to mention the rabble rousing Media and of course let’s not forget “Al no so Sharpton”.

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I read on the NY Times site that the Department has 53 officers. Only 3 are black out of those 53.

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For whom?

I think that Chief Jackson isn’t going to be around too long.

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Was this guy Jackson always the chief?

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1. A black man can be racist.

2. However, the only place I’ve seen his race named says Darren Wilson is white.


3. Since when does stealing $50 in cigars merit a death sentence?

4. And, the chief has now contradicted himself and has since said Wilson had no knowledge of the robbery when he confronted Brown.

“Officer Wilson did not even know the robbery had happened or that Mr. Brown was a suspect, the chief said.”

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As to your question, on the surface it’s improving because the local police have been called off. However, nothing has changed as far as the deeper injustice, and that goes back a looong way. A lot will need to change, we have to wait and see.

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I am also sick of the rush to judgement these days. None of us witnessed the incident.

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By that logic no one can ever form an opinion on any event they did not personally witness.

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^ “Rush to judgement” ≠ “Forming an opinion”

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And what rush to judgment is there here exactly? Going by the facts that have been established the shooting was not justified, period.

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There were witnesses. More information is coming to the surface. Here is an example, including a video clip right after the incident.

@jonsblond is right. We need to stop jumping to conclusions based upon early reports. It takes time to investigate a crime and garner all the details.

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It’s better that folks aren’t looting & being violent. Cops in StL don’t play, they’d die if they did.

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