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What is an example of attitude coloring events in your life, for better or worse?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36153points) August 15th, 2014

I watch Chris and Jenna’s kids pretty regularly. I’ve always cleaned the house for them, just to keep busy (I don’t have internet access there.) Then I decided it would be nice for them to be able to come home to a home cooked dinner.
First time I made spaghetti, and it was fine.
Then I made chicken and dumplings and it was a disaster!
Next time, fried chicken and another disaster!
The next time I went over and Jenna had something brewing in a crock pot. I just laughed inside! I can hear them saying, “How are we going to stop Mom from cooking for us again?!” That was their gracious hint. :D
I found it funny.

Another person could have been offended. You know, she’s trying to do this nice thing for them, she cleans the house, she watches their kids, she doesn’t get paid and now they insult her cooking??!!

I’m really not a bad cook. It’s just hard in someone else’s house, using some one else’s food and a stove I’m not familiar with.

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I have a pretty positive attitude about most things. I have had some traumatic events occur, but yet they actually were blessings in disguise. Every cloud has a silver lining and that’s especially true for me. I have a lot to be thankful for and I realize I am lucky in many ways.

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I was raised to think sex was only something men wanted. I look back on my life and a number of women explicitly told me they wanted to have sex with me but due to my upbringing, I assumed they were kidding

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^^^^ Or they were hussies!

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Or they were kidding hussies LOL.

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@Dutchess_III “Another person could have been offended. You know, she’s trying to do this nice thing for them, she cleans the house, she watches their kids, she doesn’t get paid and now they insult her cooking??!!”

Val, with all due respect and meaning no harm, I need to say that this last paragraph seems, well, more than a bit passive aggressive. (I think you’re terrific, so please try not to be hurt.) You say that “Another person could have been offended,” then you continue to say how offended your are.

It’s ok. If Chris and Jenna aren’t appreciative, you can be hurt and annoyed.

Regarding the crock pot, is it possible that Jenna simply wanted to try a new (or seldom used) recipe, and that she wasn’t insulting or slighting you in any way? Could it be that Jenna does see all that you do for her family, and that she was trying to spare you the extra burden of cooking dinner?

Just a few thoughts, offered in the spirit of friendship. Please go on being sweet and caring, you sweet, caring you.

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No, you’re mis-reading it @SadieMartinPaul. I don’t mind doing the stuff in the least. That’s what family is for. What I was trying to say was that a person’s attitude controls so much of how they feel about a situation.

I found it funny.
Another person could have gotten upset (listed reasons why they could have chosen to get upset.)

I posted it on FB. They both laughed! That’s exactly why did it!

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They are both very appreciative. My son comes over and helps Rick Do Stuff. A couple of weeks ago he showed up with a pole saw and they trimmed all the trees.
Last week he came over and helped Rick instal a fridge and stove.
He always Does Something when he comes over!

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