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I've done something I've never done before - I bought tickets to the NC Comic-con. What should I expect?

Asked by syz (35523points) August 19th, 2014

I’ve always heard about the big Comic-con in San Diego, but I suspect North Carolina’s will be sooooo much smaller. As a Comic-con virgin, what should I expect?

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Expect the unexpected since you’ve never been to a con. There will be anime, manga, comics to buy, rooms to view video comics and anime, other visitors dressed up as their favorite comic characters (cosplay), voice actors answering questions. Don’t sweat it; you’ll have a BLAST!!

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Exactly as @kritiper said, “Expect the unexpected”.
That is the joy of conventions, to see other people, to enjoy your interests with others, and to experience things you wouldn’t anywhere else!

Also, take your time and take care of yourself. It is easy to get overwhelmed, even at a “small” convention. Stay hydrated, take breaks, and EAT. It is hard to enjoy everything on an empty stomach!

I hope you have a GREAT time. :)

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Expect to walk a lot. Wear comfy walking shoes. If you have a camping stool or really tiny folding chair, you might want to bring it. Places to sit are sometimes few and far between, and at the NYC Con they would let overflow crowds watch the panels and such on big screens, but there’s no place to sit except for the floor. But don’t make your carry bag too heavy, because you’ll be carrying it all day. And bring a bag decently bigger than you need for just your things, because you’ll want room in there for any stuff you want to buy – and some things, like sketches and weird art are hard to pack.

Expect to spend a little money – comics, graphic novels, autographs, special panels, and art abound. Some panel and autograph lines can be really long, so if there’s someone you really want to see who is very popular, get there early.

People are always really nice at the Con. Folks in costume usually love to be complimented, asked about the costume, and photographed – though I do ask first.

Expect nerdy guys to hit on you if you appear to be female and single.

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A lot of people in very unusual costumes.

But fun.

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