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Is there anyone here who can fix this cracked picture of our own Auggie?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43056points) August 22nd, 2014

Here is the picture.

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Dutch, if you have an original picture, I can give it a try. Email it to me.

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Awww…miss my auggie.

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I summon up all of our Photoshop experts. Arise!

They should be able to help.

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I am not sure if Augie would want her photo posted here. Maybe she doesn’t want people who don’t know she is Augie to figure out who she is.

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I flagged this – let the mods decide. I know I wouldn’t want someone posting my photo, no matter how old it is, without my permission. I wouldn’t want people who don’t know who I am to figure it out.

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She’s fine with it, @jca.

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She WOULD like someone who has the technology to fix it, to do so, btw.

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I can try, but I need the original scanned image.

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Well, I don’t have it. Miss Auggie does.

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OK, I’ll FB her.

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I tried with the image you posted, but the image resolution isn’t good enough.

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