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Is it worth selling my phone?

Asked by bomyne (636points) August 22nd, 2014

Late last year, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note III. The reason being that I wanted a phone with a larger screen than my iPhone 5 had, and one that could note-take.

It’s been one problem after another with this phone (as it is with all my technology, it seems… long story.). It’s Android OS is loaded down with apps I don’t need and can’t get rid of. It’s battery doesn’t seem to last very long (probably due to included apps always running)... and the very selling point of the phone, the note taking (It’s a Galaxy NOTE…), doesn’t seem to have any included apps for such a thing… Overall I just want it gone.

But I paid $899 for the thing… I have looked on Ebay… I have asked local possible buyers… The most I can hope to get from it seems to be $450 to 500… That’s about half the price I paid for it… and the phones I am considering replacing it with are all around the $800–1000 range.

What do you think? Is it worth trying to sell it knowing that I’ll only get one third to one half of what I actually paid for it?

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You should ask yourself, if its worth paying 400 to 500 US$ to get a better phone.

You seem to hate the one you have, but I can’t look into your wallet.

by not selling, you are now paying 450 to keep your current phone, al ot of money spent on a thing you don’t like.

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My dad sold his Nissan Navara recently. He said he lost nearly $50,000 on it.

It is a little different though. Dad loved that car but he couldn’t afford to keep it… and i hate this phone… But i don’t want to feel like he did when he got rid of it.

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Well it would certainly be better to sell it for $450 than to not sell it and still buy a new phone, wouldn’t it?

Why wouldn’t you sell it?

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A couple of points.

- with a little effort and learning curve, you could root your Note. This would mean that you could deinstall a lot of the crap software and get the stuff you want. Rooting is a little complex, but it isn’t impossible (I have rooted each of my phones), and it gives you much more freedom.

- the Android Play store has literally dozens of programs and apps that take advantage of the stylus. And many of them are free. So if you haven’t already, go to the PlayStore and look around using the word “stylus”. You will lots of stuff. Choose the software you want.

Bottom line, you are giving up way too easily. If you were living in Atlanta, I would root your phone myself.

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Read this and follow instructions on rooting -read this through

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@elbanditoroso I do know about the apps on the app store, but if a phone is designed for something, it should come with the ability to take full advantage of the situation.

That’s something i have been considering, but that’s not without it’s risks too. If you do something wrong, you can end up bricking the device.

It’s something to consider anyway. Thanks everyone.

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My advice based on exactly the same experience with a Galaxy II: sell it and buy a phone that suits you better. For me it was worth losing part of the money I had paid for the Samsung to get back to the best phone I ever owned, an iPhone. I sold my Samsung on Craigslist for a decent price.

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