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How can I get some new iPhone ringtones?

Asked by NYChris (26points) July 13th, 2007 from iPhone

I figured most people here are on iPhones and are most likely wondering the same.

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As of yet, without various un-confirmed hacks, you cannot get new ringtones on your iPhone. However, it's very likely that Apple release the ability to do precisely that in the next firmware updates.

I know I'll be keeping my fingers crossed...

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You can find instructions at

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haha! I'm not doing all of that plus risking breaking my iPhone. I'll jut wait till they comeout with a patch or upgrade or something. Thanks anyway. The ringtones they give you on the iphone really do suck though. I'll just play the waiting game for now.

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Btw, most of us are not on iPhone. A lot of us have been here a long time before the iPhone came out, although a lot of new users are on the iPhone.

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I think the sonar ringtone is about the only one I can stand.

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Yet another reason why I'd never get an iPhone ;-)

> Added value metre: 0

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@vincentt Never say never mate. First generation stuff always is lacking features, by the 4th or 5th gen. it will be an even more amazing product.

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@Perchik - the cooler product is already available, that's why I'll never buy an iPhone. But OK, they day Apple frees the iPhone (as in: anyone can modify the software that runs on it, and you never have to wait for Apple to add some features you'd like, if they'd listen to you in the first place) I might consider it. Oh, and it should be cheaper, too ;)

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i put in some of my itunes songs on the weekend using the instructions found via sferik. They worked lile a charm. The writer also links some of his own files on the site.

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Where was that website papasteves02 for sferik?

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There is now a GUI to install custom ringtones called iFuntastic (for Intel Macs only).

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