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Are you still looking for the 1959 album "Taboo", with the song "Elunde"?

Asked by BlueEyeInCali (5points) September 1st, 2014

I was looking for the album myself. I hadn’t heard or seen it since my teenage years. I thought it was lost to me forever, but I have found it, and was able to download the album from the internet. I am very happy! In my search I came across an old blog from you and discovered you also were looking for it. If you are still interested I can send you the details.

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No I am not, but my guess is that you were answering a specific individual and instead you answered in a public forum where 10,000,000 people will read your note.

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Yes. I’m interested in the album too. Elunde is my favorite song since my teenage years too. Please send me the details, I want to download it too.

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@Mimishu1995 I would be very careful about accepting download links from someone you don’t know. This smells of a spam/scam to me. The OP joined Fluther today, so I really doubt this was a continuation of a private chat made public by accident.

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@BlueEyeInCali – Welcome to Fluther! It appears that you are responding to this comment on a post from 2009. Since a current web search for that album and song title generates many hits, it’s possible that the user in question has already found the song since then; but it is kind of you to come and share your discovery.

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@hearkat your sleuthing skills never fail to impress me :)

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@BlueEyeInCali Since it was a specific user (@Jeruba)who was looking for that album, I would recommend sending her a private message to let her know that you found it. I doubt that she will stumble across this question otherwise.

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@dappled_leaves: I shared it with her, via the “Share this Question” feature.

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