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If you decide to leave Fluther will you cancel your account or just fade away?

Asked by rojo (22316points) September 2nd, 2014

Just wondering. Seems kinda unnecessary to cancel unless it gives the mods the impetus to hunt you down and kill you.


Mods do you have any idea as to what percentage actually close their account before departing?

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I will fade away. My being faded away will not be much different from my current level of engagement ;-)

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I would delete my account. I don’t want jellies to be looking for me without knowing what happened to me.

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I am not sure what I would choose. I’ve often wondered why people close their accounts while announcing it. I always felt why not just leave the account open and just not return, why add to the drama with an announcement. However, when and if my time comes, I’m not sure what I’d choose to do at the time.

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I think I am a fader myself.

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I faded away. Then, just like a bad penny, I turned up again.

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and we are glad you did @Katniss. or at least, I am.

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I think I’ll fade away. If I get bored or driven away by someone, I won’t bother to come back and delete my account. I have done that a year ago when I first joined and then I came back.

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Fade away and maybe come back.

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No one really cares either way, so it doesn’t matter what we do when we want to leave. btw- I’ve done both.

You will find the people you like in other places. That’s all that matters.

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^ I notice when you go on hiatus

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I have to get really pissed off at a site before I delete an account. There have been spans of many months when I was inactive here, but I never considered closing the account.

As for your stats question, we don’t get notified when someone disables their account; and if someone ‘departs’ without disabling their account, how would we know that they’ve elected to depart and aren’t simply too busy with other things?

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Not fade away.

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I’ve done both.

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Fade away.

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I will not fade away ever. I maybe banished, expelled, but never just fade away. If and when I leave on my own, it will be like leaving a bad relationship; why go back to an ex when you will just go back to the same thing, I will leave through the front door with my head high and my shoulders back with a burning mansion in my wake, before I get hauled out the backdoor by my heels.

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I’Ll delete, once I’m done I’m done. People like @adirondack would get a heartfelt e-hug first though. ;)

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That’s sweet. We don’t come from the same side of some issues, but we always give each other lot’s of respect and consideration. That was one of the nicest things anyone has said about me. :)

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@ADirondack You are very steady, fair & non-judgemental. Like the vamps, I realize that’s rare here. True story!

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That wasn’t even my GA first.

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@Adirondack Maybe a vamp, we discussed your positive qualities once lol.

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