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For those with multiple accounts on different Q&A sites, how do you juggle your time?

Asked by rojo (21959points) September 2nd, 2014

I know there are some on reddit and Quora and a few others and I was just wondering how many hours there are in the day on your planet?

I mean, I have enough trouble finding/wasting time here on this one site without doubling or tripling the number of questions to read and responses I would have to write.

As it is my desktop is designated as “Downstairs Timewaster” on my network.

How do you do it?

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Kickasstorrent isn’t technically a Q&A site, but I can ask (and sometimes anwer) some tech questions there.

Fluther isn’t always active, there can be time when things are utterly quiet. That is the time when Kickasstorrent comes in. I come there when I have done screwing up with Fluther and wait for my activites to load up too. Kickasstorrent is bigger, and therefore is more active than this place not trying to be mean here, just an observation. Kickasstorrent also acts as a “backup plan” sometimes. When my relationship with some jellies here goes sour, I can just come there for a little shelter.

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I deliberately don’t go to lots of different sites for exactly the reason you cite. I’d never get any work done. This is also my timewaster and sometimes I might be here very little because there’s too much happening in my real life.

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The amount of time I have on the internet is finite and the more different sites I visit, the less time I have on each one. It just depends where I’d rather be at that particular time. Adding more sites wouldn’t cause me to be online for longer, it would just give me less time on the sites I already use frequently.

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Sometimes I think about joining Twitter. Then I think that it would be just one more site to check daily. I’m mostly on FB and Fluther. I go back and forth between them, as a time killer. At work, I check other sites, like the NY Times and blogs. Just time killing.

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