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Are you living in a hidden urban forest?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) September 3rd, 2014

Look outside where you live now, imagine there is nothing manmade there, no streetlamps, roads, buildings, cell towers, parking lots, etc., all that would remain are the trees, bushes, grass, etc. If you did that would there be at least enough trees to call it a forest (even if lightly populated by trees), or wooded area?

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Wooded area, yes. A weird one though, with trees growing in straight lines and lots of space in-between.

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Forest no, but there are a lot of trees around me. I live in the most densely populated county in FL and there is cement everywhere, but also there is bunches of trees of many different varieties in my community. We have a lot of oaks that are old and big and create a lot of shade. We also have palm trees and evergreens. Weird mix in this part of the country.

I moved from TN a year and a half ago and I lived in an “arbor” town and my house was in the woods, so needless to say, lots of trees. Funny, I wouldn’t call it a forest there, because there were very few evergreens. To me evergreens make it a forest, I don’t know if there is actually a technical difference between the woods and a forest.

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It’d be a veritable jungle, already way more trees than buildings.

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I live in a tropical rainforest so other than my road and a single streetlight, its all jungle. There is wild chickens, which I guess is odd, but Im used to them. This question reminds me…. There is an enormous vine growing on the side of my house. I need to go chop that down in the morning. Fighting back the jungle is a serious chore.

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Yes. You can’t see my house on the Google Earth shot of my property. The tree canopy hides it completely. It’s not really covered by trees, but the angle of the photograph makes it look that way. I am surrounded by trees and plants.

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My city does contain a literal forest. And yeah, people live in it.

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Nope. I’d still be surrounded by corn and soybean fields.

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There are tons of trees around where I live, oaks and redwoods and firs, and open space. Yes a forest, but suburban, not urban.

Where I work in downtown San Francisco there are about ten spindly trees in planters, nothing else.

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I just looked up from this question, and through the front window of my urban apartment, about 90% of my view is leafy greenness. Of the remaining 10%, most is sky, then some red brick from the buildings opposite.

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Pointless and dangerous! The back yard is filled with deceptively tranquil trees and sweet smelling flowers, but even such wonders are ambush zones for predatory wasps and criminally disposed raccoons. The concrete and asphalt jungle to the front is prowled by malevolent vehicles with my death their only ambition. Meter maids like swarms of locusts teem to cripple me financially, as Jehovah’s Witnesses distract me from the pickpockets out to lift my wallet. A trip to the Safeway amounts to a tour in Iraq. Even upon emerging from the battlefield, I’m greeted by the extraordinary sight of 2 teenagers attempting to siphon gasoline from the car next to mine in the parking lot at 1 in the afternoon. It’s a jungle out there alright.

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There are a lot of trees here. These are old houses with old gardens and some of them (including my own) have some pretty large trees. I have a Scots Pine tree that must be 50ft tall and a silver birch that was about the same until last winter when a storm broke the top 10ft off it. Behind the houses on the other side of the street there is a railway track with steep wooded embankments. And 10 minutes walk away we have a country park that covers nearly 500 acres. There’s another smaller one 30 minutes walk away in the other direction. These are managed but “wild” parks, not carefully manicured city gardens.

So yes, we might be officially urban (not even suburban) but theres a lot of green space here.

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The immediate environs are a concrete jungle but nearby is a long green ribbon of trees running across the city and out into the countryside.

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I’m on a new 10 acre rural property that is very peaceful, lots of trees even though the name of the property is “12 Trees ranch.” haha
This is for the original little orchard of Cherry trees planted.
My avatar shows the view from the porch.

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