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What happens if you lose your phone whilst you're on a contract?

Asked by yannick (985points) July 9th, 2008

I’m wondering in particular what would happen if this situation arose whilst on a plan with the carrier Telstra. This is hypothetical, by the way.

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you cancel the contract and pay a fee for canceling the contract early; or if the phone breaks you can transfer the contract to another phone (if you have the sim that is)

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Yeah, that’s what I figured. Do you have any idea how they work out the cancellation fees..? That would mean you’d have to buy another phone, right?

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I used to know how to work out the cancellation fees but I can’t remember, I’m sorry, I’ll see if I can find it. But you don’t have to cancel, you just keep paying the bill with x % still going towards the phone you don’t have… but yes you have buy yourself a new phone.

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Apparently it’s however much the phone would cost outright, times by the months remaining on the plan, all divided by the total contract length.

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Damn, that’s pretty steep… * gulps *. And so if you decide to buy a new phone, would it cost the same as it would outright, or would it cost what it did when you took up the plan..?

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I don’t know, sorry, I’d say go in to the telstra shop and just chat to them.

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For a phone company it doesn’t matter what contract goes with what sim-card. I’d advice you to go to a telstra shop. Explain what happened, buy a simple phone from them and transfer your current contract to your new phone&sim.

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I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you want a new iPhone on Friday. No need to lie, they will be happy to sell you one. You can work something out.

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@johnpowell: Haha, too right! I haven’t actually lost a phone though, I’m just covering all bases here and wondering what would hypothetically happen if , shock horror, I lost my iPhone… Plus, I doubt I’ll be getting one Friday since Australia is getting pretty limited stock, from what I hear. Just thought I’d see what people knew first.

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Best to ask at a Telstra Shop to know for sure. It should also say in the contract what happens if you lose the phone.

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You could get insurance that would replace the phone and cover the cost of calls soneone else makes if it is stolen.

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i was told that u ring ur provider up tell them u lost ur phone and u are’nt going to pay for a contract that u cant use so please send me a sim u then buy a cheap phone and put the new sim in is it not that simple then as i hav always had ins but hav never claimed so it just seems a waste

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