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To you, what is the most important non-living item in your home?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) September 12th, 2014

The first thing that you would save if there was a natural disaster sure to annihilate your home?

It should ultimately be a single item, and personally portable.

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My photo albums.

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My external hard drive. It has all my photos and essential documents on it.

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You should be sure to share your photos with friends and family, @janbb. Caption. Not only will you be able to retrieve your pix if necessary, but you’ll tell some great stories.

I had the exact same thought, @Earthbound_Misfit. Man, I’d hate to lose that stuff.

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My living room area rug, it really ties the room together.

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@Blondesjon That’s just, like, your opinion, man.

My teddy bear. My parents literally placed it in my crib when I was a newborn. It’s a little beat up and faded, but I’ve had it ever since.

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My laptop and my Vitamix. I’d hate to bear the expense of having to replace either.

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Also I’m sitting in bed, it’s under my arm right now. :’)

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Oh good to hear it’s a bear. I came out of the elevator and there’s two guys with Glocks under their arms.

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My guitar or my laptop…do I really have to choose just one?
Thank God a lot of my other valuable stuff is at my parents’ house!

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Internet, obviously.

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Photograph albums and disks containing digital photographs.

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Egg whisk, you can’t beat it.

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I have a lockbox that contains important documents, including insurance documents for the house. I’d save that first.

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Since I can’t take the piano….the bear wins.

He would have won regardless.

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External hard drive with all my music.

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My clarinets (they live together in a single carry case). Laptop and the externals can burn; all my important stuff is in the cloud.

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SAme as @downtide. Titles, documents, etc…

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For those who are concerned about losing files, you might consider Carbonite. It’s, like $50 a year and it backs your files to the clouds when your computer is inactive.

If I didn’t have Carbonite, I’d say my photos and documents too.

The stuff I’d want to take would be impossible, unless I had a moving van and time. Much of my furniture came from the house I grew up in.

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My mirror with a thousand different reflections…

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