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What angered you today?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) September 14th, 2014

Was it rage, or annoyance?

I was short tempered today, and I was constantly annoyed by people with cell phones. Standing in an [my] empty parking space, stopped while the red light turned green, talking their way through the grocery.

Let’s vent!


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A few days ago I received a Facebook message from a friend not really asking me if I knew who was talking behind her back. She was a bit paranoid. I was so busy with my life and kind of tired of that kind of question so I decided to leave it for later; I knew she was some kind of drama queen and this would turn into some kind of drama party. Today when I logged in to Facebook I saw her talking dirt about me. She didn’t attack me directly, but wrote a very“philosophical” status, basically saying that the worst way to end a relationship was to ignore messages. Agh! I hate this kind of cowardice. If you have something to say about me, why not talk to me directly?

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I don’t envy you your youth because youth is fraught with drama, @Mimishu1995.
Can’t you un-friend her?

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I have done it right after reading the status. She did worse things to me than what I have done to her, but I have never minded. And now she is furious at me because I failed to answer a damn message?

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ANnoyed because my BIL showed up 2 days in a row with no call/text. He’s always so negative & it’s just kinda rude.

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I hate people showing up unannounced, @KNOWITALL.

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Just frustrated that I can’t be active without losing my breath and frustrated that multiple doctors can’t pinpoint the exact cause of my health problem.

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Sorry, I wasn’t aware of this, @jonsblond.

You’re too young for that crap. Let me know if there is a resource in my area that can help. MU and St. Louis are ‘close’. We could make room here and I’d drive you?

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There is a man in this neighborhood I am staying in. He is a snitch for the government, he trades information for privileges. Everyone is afraid of him because he can have anyone arrested at anytime just by telling lies about them. So, they are afraid to say anything bad about him. He is a bully. He is about sixty and looks precisely like a Greyback Gorilla; small, sloping forehead, large jaw, stout muscular build, ovale head, short grey beard, short greying hair, big lips, dead eyes. He is loud, bombastic, he insults people in the street constantly. He knows they can;t say anything because they are afraid of his power, his relationship with the police. He walks into stores and takes what he wants, stares down the shopkeeper and goes on his way. He has everyone cowed.

A few days ago he buttonholed me on the sidewalk. He poked his finger into my chest while telling me how all Americans were selfish, that we were all warmongers, that there would be a day when we would all pay. He insulted me personally, repeatedly, called me an hijo puta. I had to take it. I couldn’t fight back.

I dream of getting a baseball bat and beating him to death. A shot to the brain is too merciful for him. I would crush his skull to mush with repeated blows in a second if it didn;t mean spending the rest of my life in a Cuban prison. And I would enjoy every moment of it.

Knowing he is down there on the street and free to carry on and make other’s lives miserable made me angry today.

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@ibstubro You are sweet. Thank you. I’ll send you a pm.

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I was standing in the entry way of a grocery store, waiting in line to use the RedBox. An old man came out on one of those motorized carts, and started to walk out the door without his groceries. I said “Sir, you forgot your groceries.” and then he started yelling at me, and throwing his groceries around… I couldn’t bring myself to be angry, but I was very confused. I was just trying to help. You would think he would just say “Thank you.” and take his belongings, but nope.

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That 43% of Australia’s seabirds have some form of plastic in their gut and that figure will rise to 95% by 2050. Just because humans can’t get rid of our rubbish carefully. That makes me angry. I’m just watching a news broadcast at the moment. There is an organisation attempting to start a national rebate for the return of plastic bottles. This already happens in South Australia where you can get a 10c rebate if you recycle your plastic drink containers. In South Australia, three times fewer bottles are dumped (85% of bottles are recycled). In other states only about 35% are recycled.

However, and this makes me really angry, major companies such as Coca Cola are apparently lobbying against a national recycling scheme. What the heck? Now that makes me really angry and it makes no sense to me. Why would Coca Cola and companies like them be opposed to a recycling program?

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AAAAGH! And (my husband just informed me while I was ranting about plastic), we now can’t put rubbish in the bins at railway stations because the freaking terror alert has gone up to high! What the? The world has gone mad. Well the Australian world anyway. However, there is no evidence of any impending terror attack. Just in case, we’re welding bins closed and removing them from railway stations.

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My fantasy WR’s. Colston scored zero, Fitzgerald and Keenan Allen combined for less than 10pts. :(

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@Earthbound_Misfit Yet these birds keep reproducing and living, it’s sort of remarkable and sad.

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Angry at my situation as i couldn’t meet my BF last week and have to wait 4 more days to meet him. He is a lil far away from my place.

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Really angered by the huge increase in my Time-Warner bill. Time to switch.

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But… I did something about it. Spoke to customer service just now and got my package price lowered to within $1 of what it had been. Yaaay.

Lesson: Don’t sit on your anger, do something constructive about it.

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Like you I don’t get the obsession with the cell phone. I can’t tell you how many times I’m driving the car and people cross the street without looking because they are staring at their phone.

Meanwhile if I accidentally hit one of them it would be ME who would be plastered all over the News for being a killer,. When I see someone on a cell phone lately I automatically slow down and keep my eye on them until I pass them.

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Someone whom i very very rarely speak to and has never, ever, written anythingyo me on fb, up and wrote on picture i posted, a very harmless little pic, pathetic. Didnt make any sense. I unfriended them.

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I went to the cinema just in time to catch the movie, rushed to my seat and sat through interminable trails and adverts before realising I was in the wrong theatre.

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Was the accidental film a good one though @flutherother?

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Word is annoying me today. You know when you have a window of opportunity to complete a task and then technology just does not play the game? That’s my day so far. Now back to battling the Word gods.

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Yeah, @flutherother. How was the film you did see?

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In three days before today I spent about $450 fixing up my truck. New muffler, main and rod bearings, timing chain. Today it puked and I had to call a wrecker! (multiple expletives deleted)

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Bites, @kritiper. Shoulda left well enough alone?

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I gave the film 20 minutes before walking out. It wasn’t a bad film but it was quite different to the one I wanted to see. The prominent ‘15’ on the new style ticket referred to the recommended viewing age and not the multiplex theatre number. You live and you learn.

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@ibstubro Yupper…but it was on the verge of taking a crap anyway…

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