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Mods, how is the server fixing going?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (18111points) September 16th, 2014

The “Question for you” and awards haven’t been backed on yet. Are these errors so hard to fix? Are they something so serious?

Disclaimer: this question is not intended as “why is the server fixing taking so long?” It’s more like “how are things going? Have you made any progress? Can you tell me?”

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Ben thinks the problems are due to poor site hosting. Changing hosts would be a multi-day project which probably won’t happen soon.

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Thanx @PhiNotPi keep up the good work. I hope the transition to the new host helps.

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If not getting the Questions for You is the price we have to pay to keep it going at a reasonable speed, they can get rid of it for all i care.

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I’ve decided I like the absence of Questions for You. When I’ve gone through my activity, and there are still alerts, I can now be sure I received a message :)

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I know I am on Fluther less because of this problem, and I hope it will be resolved soon.
I was worried the trouble was caused by a Mod who was recently kicked off the site.

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Is this even an either/or scenario? I wasn’t aware Fluther had to choose between the two. I thought they were just working on getting it fixed.

@filmfann A mod was recently kicked off the site??

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Actually, I’m finding MORE questions that interest me with out it.

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People actually look at that Questions for You thing?

Mine has been at 1000 for years…

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@filmfann No moderators have been kicked off the site any time recently.

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@filmfann Don’t give up! It’s actually better, I’m finding, when I go to find my own questions. I’m in meta and General more that I was. I didn’t even use the feature until about 2 months ago. I used the community board to the right. Don’t go.

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The Question for You and awards have been back on! Thanks a lot whoever fixed them!

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