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Which Batman villain are you?

Asked by Earthbound_Misfit (13152points) September 30th, 2014

Not one that already exists, you’re a new villain that Batman has never encountered before.

I’d be The Tickler. I wear soft pink feathery boas over my sequined body suit. On my hands are pink gloves with feathery fingertips that can tickle when I’m in a good mood, but when I’m being evil I can fire deadly poison darts from the end of my fingers.

My husband would be The Farter. He can enter a room and take everyone out with one blast of deadly gas.

Which Batman villain are you? Be descriptive. Tell us what your costume would look like as well as your evil weapon.

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<<<<<<Isn’t it obvious?

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I’m Batman.

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But The Penguin exists. You’ll have to create a new, so far unknown villain @janbb. And you can’t be Batman @dappled_leaves. He also exists.

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@Earthbound_Misfit Aha! But you have never heard of the evil Penguin-Librarian who reads books while eating ice cream!

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That’s true… and flings whiteboard wipers at those who offend or worse, deface books?

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I’m just telling it like it is, Ma’am.

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At 386, the list of Batman villains is already long.

I’ll be “Geez Whiz”. I have a striking resemblance to Archie Bunker, my signature saying is “Awww, geez!” and I have an evil plan to encase Gotham City in molten orange goo if I’m not given total control over all of Gotham’s TV remotes.

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The Joker, for my twisted sense of humor and my ability to come up with twisted ideas.


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Nice @ibstubro. Yes it’s long but the collective is imaginative (I hope). Orange goo… sounds like a sticky plan.

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<<< he has never been an official Batman villain so I choose Hunter “Grendel” Rose :P

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I had to look him up but it sounds like he’s underemployed and has plenty of time to fight Batman. Thanks @Winter_Pariah.

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Batshit Crazy Boy
No costume, just naked as the day I was born
Weapon(s) a big spoon & mesh sieve

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@Earthbound_Misfit if only they both belonged to the same publishing company… but alas, all we get is one crossover (which was pretty good).

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