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What are some good openended questions to use in conversation with extended family this week?

Asked by skizzle (17points) July 9th, 2008 from iPhone
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Look no further than this website. I see tons of open-ended questions here.

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I am not sure open-ended is necessarily the way to go. What is the point of the questions? Do you want to start interesting conversations? Do you want the relatives to avoid questioning you? What is your goal?

Not yet knowing that, what about starting a conversation about family history by mentioning a picture you recently came across or something your parents told you? That will usually set everyone off with their own additions or stories.

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Recommend – tons of simple and fun poll questions that you could turn into open ended dialogue. Click on categories of Off-beat and Random.

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How do you guys feel about being having elections stolen, being lied into war, possibly have killed 1 million people, losing all our good jobs, the complete devaluation of our dollar, being spied on, and possibly bombing Iran, all within the eight years?
And how is that going to effect our children?
Make sure there are no kids in the room when you bring it up. We want them to have some hope.

That’s what I would ask

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@chris6137 You must be fun at parties.

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I like to get drunk and stoned and talk politics. Sound like anyone youve ever heard of?
I know Im having fun. That all I care about. =)

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@chris6137 that seems to front load a little too much bias and vitriole into the conversation to be “openended”

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so how have all of you been?

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Lets say you had to dispose of a something large, about 6 ft tall and 225 lbs, how would you go about doing that?

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“Who wants ice cream???” always seems to work for me.

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Biased and vitriol?? I think you watch too much Fox News. These are all facts, my friend.

Vitriol- bitterly abusive feeling or exression
As I sit here and watch this stuff happen, can you blame me for feeling this way, especially when most people don’t see a problem with what is going on. You can’t fix a problem, if you don’t realize there is a problem.

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“Who wants chocolate???” is a good alternative.

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“Would anyone like… a peanut?” Shaun – Shaun of the Dead. Awesome British comedy. Therefore it must be a brilliant question. No?

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@chris6137 didn’t say I disagreed… just said it probably didn’t set the conversation up for the most open and friendly dialogue (c.f. comments on most political blogs)

@skyrail excellent question, I’m using that.

@PnL I like your style, very practical.

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When I first moved to this small, predominantly conservative, rural community, a friend said that the only safe topic was the weather.

However, if you know your family’s interests and hot buttons (women’s choice, up-coming presidential election, latest Senate vote on eavesdropping, Supreme Court recent choices, eating habits, exercise, green behavior, child- rearing, vegans vs. meat eaters) there is always shopping, sports and the weather.

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@rockstar; asked and answered. I divorced him 11 years ago.

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How ‘bout those..(insert local sports team here)

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