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As you have grown older have you tended to lose faith in politics and politicians?

Asked by flutherother (30158points) October 10th, 2014

I am curious as to whether you have become disillusioned with politics as you have grown older or if the reverse is true.

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There are a few politicians I still respect but in the last 10 years, I have lost faith in the process.

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Politics is a game played by wealthy, megalomaniacal sociopaths to see who can make their own brand of pure bullshit the most palatable to the voting public.

I have found that I am better off listening to the voices in my own head instead of the voices in the heads of others.

I learned this at a young age and it has been consistently reinforced as I’ve grown older.

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Can’t lose what I never had.

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Stayed the same.

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I canb’t say that I ever really had any faith in politicians, but I’m much more cynical and, hell, pissed off now.

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The older I get the more I learn. The more I learn the more I know that I probably know more than many politicians.I’m sick of all of them, especially the ones who have been around for over thirty years.

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We seem to have lost something in recent years. Inspirational leaders that cared about the country. Kennedy, Reagan, hell even Nixon. It seems the current brand of politicians seem more concerned for themselves than for the country. As we have grown more concerned with ourselves, we seem to elect those with similar traits. We’re moving in a bad direction and I don’t see anyone on the horizon that can or will change directions. We get the government we deserve. Too bad, so sad.

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@Jaxk . . . We get the government we deserve. Too bad, so sad.

We have since we came down out of the trees and probably while we were still swinging around up there too. Very well put.

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I view politics in much the same way as wiping my arse, I wish there was a better way & try as I might, I just can’t help looking at the paper.

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Much less. Occasionally, I hear a speech or see a politician behaving in a way that gives me hope, but they’re the exception. I’m mostly disgusted by the politicians on all sides of politics in my country. I’d rather not vote for any of them. I certainly don’t feel they have my country’s best interests at heart.

I read a news story yesterday that showed the budget measures the current government are trying to impose on us, will benefit those in the electorates of key sitting members of parliament. Those in other electorates will bear the brunt of their cuts to services. When I see that sort of research, it makes me angry. I could go but it’s Saturday and I don’t want to be in a bad mood.

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I was basically raised by politicians in a political environment. Unfortunately, my dad was staunchly Republican in belief, and my mother’s family was staunchly Democratic by vote and office.

I grew up thinking that you should vote Democrat and believe Republican. I have come to the point of “Trust no one, vote the candidate.”

I could come to regret this statement, but the last candidate I had faith in was Jay Nixon of Missouri. He was an outstanding AG when I lived their.

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Never had faith to begin with.
I am liberally apolitical. haha

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I have lost faith in politics, but not just because I am older and less naive. The struggle between conservatives and progressives to take or hold political power has rendered government impotent. Political parties no longer attempt to find areas of commonalities between their views as they have in the past. Those politicians still seeking consensus are ignored or castigated by the media. The quality of candidates currently running for offices leaves little to be desired. Choosing between Tweedledum and Tweedledee has turn off much of the electorate, making it increasingly possible for well financed aspirants to be elected.

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No, quite the opposite actually. A few years ago I was very much in favour of collectivist anarchism. Now I understand why the system we have must be the way it is. I still wish we had a third major party in my country, since the two that we have agree on far too many things, and the number of politicians of the past decade that I actually respected can be counted on one hand. But I’ve grown less angry at the system, and more resigned to work within its limitations.

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