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If you could own any company, which would it be?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) July 10th, 2008
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If you are talking about an existing company mine would be Apple. They have some of the most innovative products. Plus I would be freaking loaded.

As far as a personal company I would like to start a record label or a business doing photo journalism or band/concert photography.

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VW group! Money + unlimited access to hot cars :)

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I would want to own Google. Definitely. I will even settle with working for google. they have a whole city (which is my version of heaven) for just the employees.

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The United States of America.

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Microsoft. Tons of cash. I would love to shake up the corporate culture over there and do something completely different.

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Vivendi because they own Blizzard who makes money making the games I play.

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PnL: How cool! I’m coming to work with you.

According to this, Exxon is the richest company. I wouldn’t want to own that one at all though – too many headaches, too many people hating me. I’ll take GE, Microsoft, or AT&T.

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Best Western or Hilton. I think that I could offer a lot of benefits to my family and friends owning one of the worlds largest hotel chains. It would be fun to travel all over the world to my own hotels.

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A school.

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